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Pirahanna 3DD producer Joel Soisson’s new thriller “Cam2Cam”

Joel Soisson, best known for producing films such as Piranha 3DD, Dracula 2000 and Mimic 2, is working on a new thriller entitled “Cam2Cam” (C2C).  Possibly based on the 2008 short film directed by Davy Sihali, we have an official synopsis after the jump:

Lucy, a young American tourist in Thailand, dies after being lured into a kinky online game. Her sister, Allie, comes to Bangkok seeking answers only to become enmeshed in a conspiracy of bored young ex-pats, led by the seductive and quirky Margriet. They are all just looking for their next big thrill. Allie’s growing affection for Margriet leads her to the dark side of a city where no one is who they seem, both online and in person.

We have no details about actors, other than the cast is being held by Monika Mikkelsen, CSA via letitcast.com

Rumor has it that “Haunted Poland” actor Pau Masó could play the role of Michael, and we got an exclusive audition right here: https://letitcast.com/en/a/paumaso/auditions

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