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Home | Comic Review: The Last Zombie: Neverland – Issue 1

Comic Review: The Last Zombie: Neverland – Issue 1

Issue: The Last Zombie: Neverland #1
Writer: Brian Keene
Artists: Fred Perry
Publisher: Antarctic Press
Release Date: Feb 2012
Price: $3.99

“Lost somewhere between Missouri and Iowa (after surviving the events of The Last Zombie: Inferno), the team stops to repair their vehicles and scavenge supplies. But they soon learn that they aren’t the only scavengers in town when a horde of ravenous, swarming rats attack the convoy!”

Dying Breath: 4.5 out of 5
Chapter 3 is underway of this fantastic series from Antarctic Press. Following the events of Inferno, the team is now on the other side of the fire and exploring the terrain. Fred Perry was on the art duties for this issue and he just killed it. I absolutely love his style. Typically you see it on his other titles to be more up beat and cartoony, so it was a real treat to see him take on something as serious as this. His characters look great, and the way he depicted the whole scene with Doc Russo and Private Johnson was hilariously horrifying, especially when the rats showed up. Keene is still crafting one awesome story, and this arc is shaping up to be the best yet. I love how we get the idea of what is in the house, but are never shown what is there. The dialogue and pacing are perfect and I am so on board for more. I love this series, and I can not wait for

Artwork: 4.5 out of 5 • Story: 4.5 out of 5

If you would like to buy or know more about The Last Zombie: Neverland #1 you can find it at http://www.antarctic-press.com

Comic Review: The Last Zombie: Neverland – Issue 1

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