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Found Footage Dracula Film

Found footage film kicks off a new Dracula trilogy

AUGUST 1, 2012, HOLLYWOOD, CA – Shortly after Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson called it quits, Telly Award winning Actor Timothy Woodward Jr., in conjunction with Sky Studios, a partner of on-demand giant Hulu, announce that they are are poised to tackle the timeless tale of Dracula. Pia Cook, writer of the much anticipated film “Blackout” starring Timothy Woodward Jr. And Emmy award winning actor & star of the hit film Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies Bill Oberst Jr., has crafted a uniquely modern script that takes one of the most infamous villains and casts him in a surprising and refreshingly positive light.

Filming of the first installment is scheduled to begin this coming August and will be styled as a documentary of a medical student who is working to uncover a cure for Leukemia. The audience will go through the process with Drake as he becomes his own test subject by injecting himself with the deadly virus. After a few unfortunate miscalculations we will see Drake’s horrific transformation to “Dracula”.

This found footage film will be released exclusively on the internet and is expected to go viral and become an instant cult classic as the audience gets pulled in to a uniquely personal portrayal of Drake, the good intentioned medical student with the project that goes awry.

According to Woodward, the film will be shot using almost entirely natural light to give it an authentic look of a home video. Once the series is launched on the web and other on-demand platforms, production of the second, more traditionally shot installment will commence and will be ready to be released approximately 30 days later.

Dracula is one of the most beloved characters in film history. This series will give new life to the story and allow horror fans of younger generations to connect with him in a idiosyncratic way.

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