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Book Review: A.D. After Disclosure – Author Richard Dolan, Bryce Zabel

A.D. After Disclosure: When the Government Finally Reveals the Truth About Alien Contact
by Richard Dolan, Bryce Zabel

I could tell from its first pages that this would end up being an interesting read. Phantom the event…Obama (or insert president) calls a late night broadcast and announces that we have made contact with “the others” (This term is used within the book to describe the extraterrestrial beings that we have so long denied with cover up after cover up). The book takes on the notion of “what” will happen after the announcement…thus termed . A.D (After Disclosure).

It’s written quite well and tuned to our immediate culture, but it’s the pages that follow that will make you a believer from it’s fictional start. This appears to be the intended purpose here, to propose a scenario and then to tell us why this could “come” to fruition …prepare yourself.

I’ve long held an interest in these kind of books. Though by now, many of us have read alot of the same suggestions and declassified pages in an effort to educate and send word. Still like the Elvis conspiracy, we hold onto a certain disbelief that would only be corrected by the appearance of one on an episode of Oprah. It seems to me that many are trying to send the same message….believe and prepare. Could this be a part of our 2012? Or a future that our kids will experience?.. it’s a hard call as we’ve lived under a certain blanket ..well since as far back as I can remember.

In the interim we are presented with different proposed scenarios each designed for different levels of disclosure. Some great points are made as to the nature of mankind and what interpretations of the disclosure we’ll make.

“After Disclosure” brings to the forefront alot of interesting points. While these reports of CIA involvement have been documented elsewhere to readers, its quite interesting still to hear about the level of involvement with the news media that was constructed over the years. Certainly not a revelation, but to new readers important stuff that contributes to the leave of secrecy and involvement the government has invested into maintaining a consistent cover up.

To keep new readers up to speed, the book overviews the history of cover ups and world stance on the issues. News of UFO documents being declassified in other countries only sparks the curiosity higher as to why, when, and how our own government will properly reveal years of denial and misdirection.

It goes on to tell us of secret agencies so deep that they are beyond the reach of presidents and Congress. These reports cover everything from the money missing to fund these to the different presidents over the years who were either privy or denied access to these classified details. Just recently under our current movement we were told that billions of government funds have gone missing  without details coming forward as to why and what means.

AD is unique read, as it essentially is a preparation guide for what to expect from the Government, from your neighbors, and from the world as a whole. Whether disclosure arrives in the form of a leak, an internet wave, or a bold representative from the powers that be, this book proposes several scenarios and levels of that the event “might” be handled. There is a pretty decent amount of evidence discussed in the book that suggests the realization of this coming forward from political powers. The only thing that’s really missing is “when” and how long from now. Then of course there is that validation of proof…something we’ll need presented in a special way.

The authors seem to think that we are in the age of UFO enlightenment, however it comes down to the simple notion that it will only happen ….when it “truly” happens.

Another scenario that is often discussed is full disclosure that arrives by governments other than ours willing to educate the masses. Religion, economy, government trust, and fear of global chaos are surely aspects that are not taken lightly. Years of softening the blows, denying the claims and keeping us in the dark seems to have served that basic purpose of control and status que..however as the authors suggest, maybe it’s time for the truth to be known. Maybe it’s time for the next level in human evolution to evolve with a new understanding.

A fascinating book that challenges its readers to start thinking for themselves while also providing the necessary influence for viral enlightenment. AD is rough guide to a full overview of all parties. If you are a UFO, science fiction or conspiracy theorist enthusiast, then this particular book will present the material in a different way that you’ve read in the past. It’s pretty extensive folks and worth your time.

Book Review: A.D. After Disclosure: When the Government Finally Reveals the Truth About Alien Contact by Richard Dolan, Bryce Zabel

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