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Comic Review: Death Walks the Streets – Issue 0,1

Issue: Death Walks the Streets #0 and #1
Writer: James Zahn, Ben Brezinski
Pencils:Guilherme Balbi
Inks: Alex Silva
Colors: Javier Tartaglia, Milen Parvanov
Letters: Kurt Hathaway, Jason Moser
Publisher: The Scream Factory
Release Date: Digital Editions March 2010

“DEATH WALKS THE STREETS is a genre-bending tale of good and evil that combines horror, action, and crime drama set in the fictional City of New Marshall. MICHAEL LABOU. DANIELLE DANTE, and MALCOLM MCDERMOT are three friends in an unconventional line of work. Officially, they work in separate positions for IBVM Union Local 666, one of the most powerful labor Unions in New Marshall and the world. Unofficially, the trio has become the go-to crew for odd-jobs required by “The Organization”, an international crime syndicate with deep ties to the City of New Marshall. They’re good people that are good at their jobs, but can’t stand the people that they’re working for. Unfortunately, sometimes an “out” isn’t exactly easy.“

Artwork: 4 out of 5
These are two really great looking issues. The deal with a nice mix of city life and then of course some bad ass looking monsters. So I can easily say that there is some great detail work not only on the characters but also in the background work. The cast is nice and consistent from panel to panel in each issue. The colors are vibrant and really bring the book to life. Overall some nice artwork on these two.

Story: 3.5 out of 5
The story here comes off to me as very layered. On the surface we have an evil Union that is taking care of its dirty work, but within that seems to lie a nice demon storyline. At times though, and more with issue #1, I found myself a little lost in all of the extra work. While I can assume it will play out nicely, at times it was a little confusing. I do like the concept at work here though. I found #0 to be easier to grasp in terms of going from point a to b, than I did with #1. The dialogue in both is well done I just found the jumping from scenes to be off. Overall though there are multiple layers here that I can’t wait to see play out.

Dying Breath: 3.5 out of 5
Good artwork lends itself to a building storyline that is very intriguing as it unfolds. While I felt that the story may try to do a little to much at times, I still feel these are two solid issues. Look for a special appearance from Bump in issue #1 as well. I enjoyed these two issues and I can not wait to see how everything plays out. It’s building into a good mystery I just hope that we can see #2 very soon.

If you would like to buy or know more about Death Walks the Streets you can find it at http://www.deathwalksthestreets.com

Comic Review: Death Walks the Streets – Issue 0,1

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