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Comic Review: Arsenic Lullaby: Devils Decade

Issue: Arsenic Lullaby: Devils Decade
Writer: Douglas Paszkiewicz
Artist: Douglas Paszkiewicz
Publisher: Arsenic Lullaby
Release Date: Dec. 2010
Pages: 400
Price: HC – $49.99 : TPB – $29.99

“Nominated for both the Harvey Award and Eisner Award, Arsenic Lullaby is truly the king of dark humor, and these pages prove it! Zombie fetuses, alcoholic cereal mascots, Nazis, the KKK, and more grace the pages of this 400-page collection in a way that will make you ashamed that you laughed. Available in Hardcover and Softcover editions.”

Artwork: 4.0 out of 5
To start off if you haven’t seen Douglas’ work before, like me, you might find it a little on the comic strip side of the spectrum. But know this my friends, while it’s not rich in detail, it serves no better purpose than to fit his stories perfectly. While reading this I found nothing more amusing than his renditions on zombies, witch doctors and lots of deaths that were all done in a nontraditional sort of way. Sure we have zombies, but these are fetus zombies, which you can purchase on the Arsenic Lullabies site. To me though the best thing was just how much comedy was placed in the artwork itself. The things we find cute, he can find a way to destroy, easily. Just ask that baby duck.

Story: 4.5 out of 5
It’s been a while since I had this much fun reading 400 pages. Matter of fact I did most of that in 1 sitting. That’s called staying power! Well okay maybe more how to keep me interested in something. I fell in love with the stories of Joe, the Witch Doctor, and the insane plans he concocted. They were by far some of the funniest things I have ever read. I don’t really thing that there was one story I didn’t at least chuckle at in this one. It was just good fun from start to finish, but it does need to be taken with an open mind. Well done sir, well done.

Dying Breath: 4.5 out of 5
Be warned that this is not for everyone, there is a possibility that you may be offended by something. I know I was when I saw Alien Cows, they were just creepy, haha. No in all seriousness the topics of abortion, suicide and murder are all topics here, but they are done in a fun manner. We have to be able to laugh at things, especially those that can make us cringe at times. Mr. Paszkiewicz takes on that task and succeeds time and time again. This book has like 100 short stories in it, well maybe less, but it seemed to just be non-stop. I say check it out, because I loved it. Now I’m just afraid I have read it all and won’t get any new material for a while. That makes me one sad head.
If you would like to buy or know more about Arsenic Lullaby: Devils Decade you can find it at http://www.arseniclullabies.com/

Comic Review: Arsenic Lullaby: Devils Decade


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