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Home | Film Review: The Devil’s Grave (short film) (2012)

Film Review: The Devil’s Grave (short film) (2012)


A woman and her lover frantically bury the body of her husband in the backyard, only to discover a corpse already buried there. Shoveling further, the mystery deepens as more creepy remains are uncovered until the ghastly source of this ancient evil is finally unearthed.


A woman and her lover prepare to bury the body of her now dead husband. The backyard seemed like the perfect spot, especially a circular area that has never been able to produce any growth. As they prepare a suitable burial spot, they discover the body of a dead Indian buried here prior. Though that’s the last of their worries as further digging uncovers something much darker and concerning.

Steven Aguilera directs this 10 minute short which feels like it could easily lead into a bigger picture production. The piece is nicely paced, and written providing the kind of “mysterious beyond” that consumers would easily latch onto.

The ending of this piece rounds out its build up nicely bringing the whole piece full circle anticipating the unknown that is already built in the imagination. Pieces such as “The Devil’s Grave” take on the subject of “what if” and “what awaits” in the shadows. We only need the final scream to conjure up what horrors may exist for this self serving couple who think they have all the answers. The cast and framing works to the advantage of the piece further enhanced by an extremely strong score backing that exceeds most placement scores found in short films.

If you’d like more info on this piece, go to http://www.thedevilsgrave.com

Or you can check it out for yourself below

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