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Interview: Author Nick Redfern (Keep Out!)

Exclusive Horrornews.net Unexplained Confidential Interview – Nick Redfern
Book: Top Secret Places Governments Don’t Want You To Know About.  High Security Facilities, Underground Bases, And Other Off-Limits Areas. KEEP OUT!

What would you say is the most guarded top secret location in the United
States? In the World?

Answer: Well, I guess the most closely guarded facility in the US is probably also the most guarded one in the world – Area 51. But, that’s dictated by the fact that we know Area 51 exists. In other words, if there are other super-secret installations very well protected and guarded, then we may not even know they exist in the first place. But for those we are aware of, I would say Area 51, as well as the other related installations that comprise the Air Force’s vast Nevada Test and Training Range – which, in total, extends to more than 4,500-square-miles.

Which “location” holds the most interest for you, personally?

Answer: I would say the rumors concerning the so-called Hangar 18 at Wright-Patterson AFB, Dayton, Ohio. There is no actual, or literal, hangar designated number 18 at the base, despite what many think or assume. Instead, the term Hangar 18 has become a catch-all term to describe what amounts to alleged secure and secret vaults where alien bodies are said to be held in cryogenic storage at the base, usually described as being underground. Like all of us, I don’t know if the stories are literally true or not, disinformation, or exaggeration and lies. But the important thing is that if they are true, then the stakes are so high, because the existence of such vaults may be the one thing that proves we aren’t alone in the Universe. So, I’m particularly interested in the Hangar 18 stories because of the potential breakthrough they, and their contents, offer us in the UFO research community. Or, maybe the stories are all fakes to keep us chasing fruitless UFO leads, while real military secrets of a non-UFO nature remain hidden. Or, maybe, and far, far more likely, it’s a subtle, secret combination of both.

Do you think the President of the United States is even denied access to
some locations?

Answer: I have no idea. I don’t think there is any way to know the answer to that question, since no president has ever commented on such a possibility. So, it would be just my opinion if I answered it, and opinions without anything to back them up are worthless and pointless. Although many within Ufology will tell you that opinions are very important and meaningful. They’re not though…in my opinion!

Do you think the media will ever be granted access to Area 51 or other locations in an attempt to show that they are NOT hiding anything?

Answer: No, I don’t think that will ever happen, chiefly because it’s not to the government’s advantage to do so. Governments everywhere only do things when it is to their advantage to do them. Also, what would be the point in giving access? No-one outside of those that work there, or who have to travel there, can access the base anyway. No-one outside of the government, the military, or the intelligence community can go there, so there’s no need for the government to comment or reveal anything if we can’t access it, and which they could still hide anyway, even if they did allow people on-base. Plus, there’s another issue too: If the government said something along the lines of “All we have here are classified aircraft programs and no crashed UFOs,” many people would still be very skeptical, or would outright accuse the government of lying. So, this would also make it a pointless act. It’s like the Disclosure movement, which I think is – in theory – a worthy idea, but it is just so steeped in childlike naivety, because asking the Government to come clean on UFOs because “the people” want it, is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard, or it’s certainly near the top of the list of ridiculous things I have heard. No government is ever going to spill the beans on its truly guarded UFO-connected secrets because a bunch of Ufologists demand they do. That’s just total, total crap to even imagine it would, or will, happen. And UFO Disclosure is just like asking the Government to come clean on Area 51, namely that if Disclosure isn’t what Ufology is expecting to hear, they will say it’s not real Disclosure after all. Same for what’s going on at Area 51 – if the government doesn’t admit to holding UFOs there, or outright denies it, it will be viewed as a lie. So, it won’t happen because unless it meets people’s preconceived expectations, the revelation will be ignored or denied.

The warehouse portrayed in the Indiana Jones movies – Real or Hollywood?

Answer: Well, there are certainly facilities all across the world that are highly classified, but no, I don’t think there is just one classified location where all evidence, data, and possibly physical artifacts of a UFO and Fortean nature are held. If there was, then all the stories from eyewitnesses would point to one location. But that’s not what is happening. Instead, we have multiple locations for alleged UFO secrets being held there – Area 51, Wright-Pat, Fort Detrick, the Dugway Proving Ground, the list goes on and on. This suggests – if the tales are true, of course – that different work is done at different places, rather than in one kind of secret warehouse situation, or that’s it just stored away like in the movies.

Why didn’t you cover the conspiracy theories surrounding the NORAD underground facility?

Answer: That’s very simple, and is the same reason why I didn’t include in the book the Denver Airport conspiracy theories – namely, that I couldn’t find any credible data linking them to UFOs. The important thing to remember about my book, Keep Out!, is that it’s not a study of official installations, period. Rather, it’s a study of official installations with UFO, Fortean and possibly even paranormal links to them, rather than ones linked to down to earth conspiracy theories. And, the simple fact is that I couldn’t find anything strong enough to talk about that linked UFOs to NORAD, the base, its work etc, that I felt was new and significant.

Can you briefly touch on the undersea world of Sanya?

China has been the target of claims that, in very recent years, it has greatly expanded its plans to construct secret installations, either underground or burrowed right out of dense hills, as a result of a forthcoming apocalypse of 2012 proportions. The most noticeably-visible such place is that which has become known as the Sanya Base, located on the southernmost tip of Hainan Island, in the South China Sea. Although many western military analysts believe the facility to be a secret installation designed for the construction, maintenance and storage of an ever-growing armada of Chinese nuclear-submarines, not everyone is so quite so certain that’s all it is. Vast tunnels – more than sixty-feet-high – have been photographed in and around the base that are said to expand into gigantic caverns that run far below the green hills above. Maybe this really is just China’s attempts to revamp and beef-up its submarine fleet via the rapid construction of countless new underwater-craft. But, that the vast sculpting of Sanya is still afoot right now is something that has left more than a few 2012 researchers wondering if, time-wise, there might be a connection to the old Mayan predictions.

Do you think the Government has ever had to relocate a top secret places?

Answer: The closest thing I can think of is that I have heard a number of stories – from independent sources – of physical “artifacts” (bodies and debris) linked to UFOs being removed from Wright-Patterson AFB in the early 1980s, and transferred to secure locations elsewhere, with just old paper archives and computerized files, and nothing else, now held at Wright-Pat. I can’t prove this, of course, but that the stories are coming from separate sources is, if nothing else, intriguing.

Are these top secret places an immediate threat to us, maybe more so now than ever before?

Answer: I don’t believe they are a threat to us directly. Rather, to me anyway, it seems their goal is to keep us in the dark on certain issues, by specifically hiding things at installations we can’t access. That’s no necessarily a threat though. Instead, it all helps dumb us down or keep us in the dark, so in that sense some people might view it as a threat.

What does 2012 have in store for Nick Redfern?

Answer: I have a new book out in June 2012, titled The Pyramids and the Pentagon, which is kind of Indiana Jones-like, in the sense that it deals with secret government interest in such things as Noah’s Ark, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Pyramids of Egypt, and much more connected to government interest in, and files on, archeological mysteries, ancient astronauts, and ancient relics.

What is your opinion on the Government as it relates to the Occupy movement?

Answer: I think each and every one of us should be allowed to voice our opinions on what we perceive as being wrong in society. That’s precisely why I have a large V for Vendetta poster on one of the walls of our house that everyone sees when they enter our front-door!

Is the Government controlling the lack of main stream media coverage? Does the Government have a hand in the police brutality being seen in at the Occupy demonstrations?

Answer: I’ll answer these two questions combined, as for me, they play into the same thing. I don’t think there is some sinister plot to manipulate the media’s coverage of the Occupy movement. Nor do I think secret memos have been drawn-up to tell the police how to handle the situation. I think it’s actually far more disturbing than that. I believe that in the post-9/11 era, a situation has spread – almost meme-like – where if someone speaks out, and dares to voice an opinion contrary to what officialdom says, then that person is viewed by many – including in the media – as being unpatriotic or to be distrusted. This is a very dangerous path to go down, when the mindset of whole swathes of the population begin to change and respond accordingly. It’s very much like these complete idiots who say “I’m not doing anything wrong, so why should I care if the Government monitors my phone calls and emails. ” I say to people like that: “You are a f*cking moron; of course you should care!” But, that’s the trend today – people are willing to hide behind the curtains distrusting this and that, and handing over their rights. Not because of some huge, orchestrated plot (in my view, anyway), but because of this meme-style spreading and acceptance of it being OK to watch us all, and to view protesters (of anything!) as people to distrust. It’s also exactly why, 20 years ago, if some kid played a prank, ran on to the pitch at a football game and waved to his mates, they would have waved back, and the kid would have raced off into the crowd and it would all have been over.

Today, however, that kid would stand a good chance of being tasered by a cop. This isn’t, in my view, because of any secret government plot. In my view, it’s yet another example of how everyone who dares do something a bit different is perceived as either (a) the enemy; or (b) must be stopped – because what they are doing is “inappropriate” in totday’s ever-increasingly humorless world, and this is a view spreading across society. People don’t demonstrate because they are unpatriotic. People demonstrate precisely because they are patriotic! And they want to voice their opinion on issues they see as troubling and disturbing. We should applaud that.

Do you think the Swine Flu virus was manufactured by the Government and released as a test, and perhaps a more fatal strain is waiting for us in
the near future?

Answer: I have no idea. I have heard many such claims from conspiracy theorists, but when such claims are so controversial, then we have to get our case in order before making such claims. I am all for investigating conspiracy theories, but the biggest downfall is not the theory, it’s very often how the data is presented – as hard fact, rather than as an intriguing story to be investigated. Conspiracy theories are interesting, many are wholly valid, but it’s often the conspiracy community that lets itself down by its response. For example, in Keep Out! I refer to the issue of weaponizing the weather – tsunamis, earthquakes etc – as a tool of warfare. But, I’m careful to note what we know as fact and what is presently wholly unprovable, but championed by many – incorrectly – as fact. The stakes are so high in some of these conspiracy theories that, if they are true, we need to tread very carefully, or we risk looking like fools. And, as a result – and in a worst case scenario – people dismiss what might be a genuine conspiracy because the messenger, rather than the message, is at fault in the way they share and present their data.

What is your opinion on my Government’s interest in population control?

Answer: I think all of us agree that in a world of growing populations, and growing waistlines, something has to change in our world, or we simply will not survive into the next couple of centuries (but maybe that’s not a bad thing, and perhaps it’s time for nature to take its course, and let some other animal to become the leading creature on the planet). But, that’s very different to the whole “population control” extreme angle. If someone is going to say that “the government is going to wipe out 80 percent of the population,” then shouting it in shrill, loud, conspiratorial fashion will not work, or will ensure most people roll their eyes and walk away. Controversial claims and beliefs such as these need to be supported by evidence, not just accepted as fact – and that goes for all conspiracy theories. For me, I try and show people the difference between fact and hearsay, rumor and reality, and conspiracy-theorizing vs. conspiracy-fact. And let’s all understand the lines between those areas, otherwise we will never be taken seriously outside of our small communities.


Interview: Nick Redfern – Author (KEEP OUT!)

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