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Comic Review: Anatomy of a System Issue 7

Issue: Anatomy of a System: Chapter 7
Writer: Travis Wayne Pursell
Artist: Travis Wayne Pursell
Publisher: War Torn Studios
Release Date: 2011
Pages: 12
Price: $10.00

“A modern day thriller with a bit of gore. A delicate balance of chaos and order, life and illusion. Witness a puppeteer mastermind unfolding before your eyes.”

Dying Breath: 4.5 out of 5
Welcome to the system. What does it mean? I’m not quite sure yet, but I do know this, this issue was great. The artwork by Pursell has a great vibe flowing through it that really carries the overall feel of the book. The line work is great and with the absence of color it really shines through. The way he is able to capture depth without using gray tones and even his hand lettering make this one great issue to look at. The story itself is part of a larger web that will play out over more issues. As the introduction issue, ys chapter 7 came out first, the pacing is great and I am very interested. Let me just say that when I see a talking turtle, of the non-ninja variety, I am highly interested to see where it will go. This issue reminds me of something I would see as a short in Heavy Metal. It just has that overarching flow to it that seems to be a breakdown on society and the horrors that lie within. I will sit and wait in anticipation to see it played out, since this is a book that is easily worth checking out.

Artwork: 4.5 out of 5 • Story: 4.5 out of 5

If you would like to buy or know more about Anatomy of a System: Chapter 7 you can find it at http://www.wartornstudios.com/

Anatomy of a System Issue 7

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