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Interview: Rick Schroder – Director (HellHounds)

MIKE JOY: Hi Rick, Thanks for taking the time to talk to our Horrornews fans. You have an incredible body of work as an actor, but I think you are relatively new to the director’s chair. I’m curious, was that an easy transition for you? 

RICK SCHRODER: Hello Horror fans. You might not know this, but I am a huge horror movie fan! Ever since Stephan Kings ‘The Shining’.

Now to your question. Directing feels actually more familiar and comfortable than acting lately. I love the collaboration with all my crew and cast. As an actor you don’t get the same experience.

MIKE JOY: Can you tell us a little bit about the movie, Hellhounds?

RICK SCHRODER: I loved the ‘Sinbad’ movies from the 70’s. For those younger people who may not have seen them, they we’re cutting edge for fantasy action adventure at that time. HellHounds tells the tale of how far a ‘Greek Warrior” named Kleitos will go to save his virgin bride from the mythological clutches of the demonic god Hades and his vicious mutts.

MIKE JOY: What made you pick this movie?

RICK SCHRODER: It had a good story and I wanted to learn about “Green Screen” and animation. There’s about 50 animated shots in the movie. Lots of cool fights and scenery made going to work fun. It looks like a bigger budget than they spent.

MIKE JOY: Where was Hellhounds filmed?

RICK SCHRODER: ROMANIA. With all Romanian and French crew, who worked their butts off and it shows. Great crew!

MIKE JOY: What was the most challenging aspect of filming Hellhounds? 

RICK SCHRODER: When you have very limited resources and time you figure creative ways around sometimes massive production problems. We had 15 days to make this movie. That was definitely the largest constraint. 

MIKE JOY: How long did it take to film this movie?

RICK SCHRODER: 6 weeks preproduction and 15 days filming. 

MIKE JOY: Do you have any interesting behind the scenes tales from making Hellhounds? 

RICK SCHRODER: I got attacked by a big dog one afternoon and ended up sitting in a tree till it left. Romania has packs of roving canines. In fact a tourist was killed a couple years ago by them. I didn’t see one cat in the 8 weeks I was there! Very HUNGRY dogs.

MIKE JOY: What or who inspires your creativity? 

RICK SCHRODER: Other great artists. James Cameron, Tim Burton, Gore Vidal

MIKE JOY: Do you have any favorite horror movies that you remember watching from your youth? 

RICK SCHRODER: Friday the 13th, Halloween, Chucky, The Omen, Aliens.

MIKE JOY: What future projects are on the table for Rick Schroder? 

RICK SCHRODER: I’m actually writing my first HORROR SCRIPT and loving it. Hope to direct it soon. See ya around Horror Fans!

Interview: Rick Schroder – Director (HellHounds)

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