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Interview: Johnny Gargano (Dragon Gate Wrestler)

Exclusive Horrornews.net Interview: Johnny Gargano

Dragon Gate Professional Wrestler

What is your strategy to defeat BxB Hulk on November 12th in Philadelphia? Just be myself. I can safely say that to my core, I’m the same Johnny Gargano I have been since DAY ONE in Dragon Gate USA. Sure.. my appearance has changed, and I’ve grown leaps and bounds as a wrestler but when you open someone up and look deep inside at what truly makes them who they are.. you look at the persons heart. A lot of people say they’re the “Best in the World” and they may be.. I’ve never proclaimed that I am. I can say though, having wrestled with broken fingers, separated shoulders, sprained necks, and countless other injuries inside a DGUSA ring, and still going out there and giving EVERYTHING I have just to show that I belong.. that NO ONE has as much heart as I do. BxB Hulk was the first Open The Freedom Gate Champion in DGUSA history.. he’s phenomenal.. but I just want it more.

You are a member of RONIN. Could you tell us what RONIN is and who are
the other members? Ha. RONIN (baby!) was the first stable in Dragon Gate USA that was strictly all Americans. It consists of myself, Chuck Taylor and Rich Swann. When you talk about growing, and maturing (well.. kinda) as Professional Wrestlers, I think you look at us as perfect examples of what young guys can do if they’re just given an opportunity. If you’ve never seen us together.. one word I can give to describe us is – Entertainment. Not in the negative sense that many consider that word in now a days as pertains to Pro Wrestling.. but in a fun, positive light. I think that’s why people took a liking to us so quickly. We’re certainly different.

BxB Hulk is a member of the Blood Warriors. What can you tell me about
that group? They’re Japanese (well, most of em’) and they suck.

What sets Dragon Gate apart from other promotions? Dragon Gate USA takes the very best, most exciting talent from Japan and mixes them in with the TOP young talent in the world today. What you get is some of the most innovative, hard hitting, and crazy matches in wrestling. Period. I’ve been with DGUSA since the very first show, and every show there is STILL something that blows my mind. I’m still a wrestling fan at heart, like everyone else. The guys are just SO talented, man. All of them.. even Blood Warriors, even though they suck. If you haven’t experienced a Dragon Gate USA show yet, head on over to WWNLive.com RIGHT NOW.

The popularity of pro wrestling has been a series a peaks a valleys. In
my lifetime, I would say wrestling’s popularity hit its highest peak on
two occasions. The first time in 1984 with the birth of Hulkamania and
then again in 1996 with the creation of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. In
your opinion, what is it going to take for wrestling to peak like that
again? I’ve thought about this a lot lately. I truly feel the answers are right in our own mirrors. We are the answer. You don’t like what you see on TV? Let your voice be heard. Don’t accept mediocrity. If you like Dragon Gate USA then tell your friends! Support independent professional wrestling. By ourselves we’re nothing.. but together we have a million voices. We need to let them know we are here.

Why did you decide to become a professional wrestler? I’ve always acted out what I’ve seen on television. Unfortunately, in this society, being a Power Ranger or Teenage Mutant Ninjas Turtle are not real job titles (I know, what the heck?! right?) I just figured that Pro Wrestling was the next best thing to fighting monsters.. so I’ve been doing it since the ripe age of 8.

Let go old school with a question ripped from the days of the Apter Mags.
Who’s your toughest opponent? I’d have to say the urge to eat copious amounts of cake when I’m dieting. Oh.. in wrestling? Probably CIMA. We’ve had some wars, man. I can’t hear out of my left ear due to a crazy slap battle we had in North Carolina. I feel he’s helped me up my game a ton though, as you can’t help but bring out your best when in the ring with a talent like him. BUT.. he IS a member of Blood Warriors..so of course he.. (notice a trend yet?)…. Yep. Sucks.

Do you have a favorite horror movie? It’s funny you ask that, as I’ve been on a crazy horror movie kick recently. In the past month and a half I’ve watched all of the “Nightmare in Elm Streets”, “Friday The 13ths” “Leprechauns”, and I’m working on the “Halloweens” now. Without a doubt though, I’d have to say the “Child’s Play” series has to be my favorite due to the sheer horror Chucky caused me as a kid. He scared me to death. Remember the “My Buddy” dolls from the late 80’s/Early 90’s? I had one and it’s safe to say.. after seeing the original “Child’s Play” when I was little, I went home, chopped off its head, and locked it in the basement. A preemptive strike, as he was surely going to come to life and terrorize me. Also FUN FACT.. in watching “Child’s Play” recently, I realized why it hit me so deeply. I looked JUST LIKE THE KID IN THE MOVIE. It’s horrifying. *I’ll attach a picture*  (SEE BELOW)

I think the horror genre and pro wrestling make an interesting marriage,
always have.
Let’s get creative with this next question. Wrestling has seen many
horror-esq characters step into the ring, like The Undertaker, Kane, and
Kevin Sullivan to name a few. If you had to transform you wrestling
persona more towards horror, tell us what monster might you resemble? Man, that’s a toughie. I’ve always thought that the psychological stylings of “Jigsaws” character in the “SAW” movies would make for a pretty interesting villain in Pro Wrestling.. minus the actual killing of people and what not. There are a lot of good ones though. I’ve always been a fan of the “loose cannon” “off the deep end” characters IE Michael Myers, etc.

What other matches do you have coming up for Dragon Gate? We know about the big BxB Hulk match in Philadelphia on November 12th already.. but the night before in Boston its Chuck Taylor and I against CIMA and Brodie Lee. Then on November 13th.. THAT’S potentially the BIG one. Me VS YAMATO in what could be the biggest match, and opportunity of my career at BB Kings (one of my favorite places to wrestle) in NYC. See.. If YAMATO is still the champion going into that match, then it’ll be for the top prize in DGUSA, The Open The Freedom Gate Championship. I would have a chance to truly realize a dream. Needless to say.. I’m really looking forward to that weekend.



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