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Horror Cinema Collection Vol. 2

Horror Cinema #73829

Horror Cinema packs in a walloping 24 films under one collective roof. This new release form Echo Bridge comes just in time for Halloween season. I was instantly drawn to a few of my favorite titles which includes the surreal “Carnival of Souls” and the classics zombie film “White Zombie”. This set takes us back to the noir days of horror icons featuring the talents of Bela Lugosi, Vincent Price, and Boris Karloff. If you are a genre buff like I am, the collective comes straight out of horror history books with some of the top releases for their time. There is certainly a full helping of zombie films with “Revolt of the Zombies”, “Teenage Zombies” and “Nigh of the Living Dead” to tide you over, though for me its being able to call upon the classics from one source that provides bonus.

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From murder and mayhem to mystery and intrigue, Horror Cinema delivers all the thrills, chills and blood spills from great horror cinema. This deliciously creepy collection features horror icons Bela Lugosi, Vincent Price, George Zucco and Boris Karloff in dozens of spooky, classic films. Step inside the disturbing nightmares of the most frightening movies ever made!

Carnival of Souls
Chamber of Horrors
The Last Man On Earth
White Zombie
Silent Night, Bloody Night
Scared to Death
Good Against Evil
Kill, Baby. . . Kill!
Ring of Terror
The Ghost
Night of the Living Dead
Snake People
One Body Too Many
The She-Beast
Teenage Zombies
Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla aka The Boys From Brooklyn
Revolt of the Zombies
The Screaming Skull
Bloody Pit of Horror
The Devil’s Messenger
The Ghost Walks
Human Gorilla
The Mad Monster

Horror Cinema Collection Vol. 2 – #73829

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