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‘NO. 32, B DISTRICT’ – can you say that 10 times fast?

A creepy new poster is out for the new horror film from China titled NO. 32, B DISTRICT. Distributed by Fujian Sunny Television and directed by Lv Jianmin NO. 32, D DISTRICT stars Ziyi Li Rui Tang Yu Tang Chen. The spoken language of the film is Mandarin and it will open in theaters on June 3rd 2011.


“B Area 32” is a pseudo-record Guoneishoubu horror film, about male and female B, 32 villas in the encountering the story of supernatural events, with DV capture the way, guide the viewer deeper into the film, where to explore the truth behind the story. That person is a ghost, or phantom? DV gift to the film’s horror film atmosphere and hit the horrors of human hearts.

Movies from “ghost after” Deng purple, Thailand popular heartthrob TAE, Hunan Satellite TV host Li Rui headed starred, about 32 villas in the B, supernatural events occurred: two young friends rain Tong and Mike moved into B, Villa No. 32, but they are increasingly horrified to discover that the house does not seem to have any clean things exist.

Because more and more obvious they are deeply troubled by supernatural phenomena, whether these people can not understand why the sound of the cause, but always occurred in the middle of the night, especially when they are asleep or half asleep between.

Trailer: http://ent.163.com/11/0505/11/739NEISQ000300B1.html

Later, Mike had an idea, they decided instead of sleeping with his camera, take a look at those who annoy them from time to time what exactly is something. But when they actually see what the camera captured, they obviously are not psychologically prepared for the … …”

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