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Unexplained Confidential: Rocky Mountain Paranormal




Rocky Mountain Paranormal –
Interview: Bryan Bonner

How did you first get interested in the paranormal?

Most people in the field of paranormal research “Ghost Hunting” get into the field because of some type of personal experience that has given them a goal to authenticate what they feel was a life changing experience. This is not the case with us, we became interested in the field because of a lifelong interest in the paranormal due to a strong interest in paranormal claims in television shows and being a fan of Horror/Sci-fi movies.

How long does it take to learn how to become a paranormal investigator?

Many people claim to be trained or certified in paranormal research, however there is no real certification to get into the field. We use our real world skills in our research. Each of our members brings a unique skill to the team. Some of the real-world skills are Professional Photography, Video production, Audio engineering, Electro-magnetic filed studies, Hypnosis, Geology, & Linguistics. We also have “Satellite” members that can be brought into cases as their skills are needed these are skills like Psychiatrists, Medical Doctors, Magicians & Engineers. However the most important skill is critical thinking. This means that even though we have over 12 years of experience in the field we are still learning and will continue our education in related fields to improve the investigative skills of the team.

Would you say that there is a lot of paranormal activity in the Rocky Mountains?

Claims of paranormal activity are very common in the area, however every city in the world claims to have the “Most haunted” location. This is also true with Colorado. While we have never been able to prove a “haunting” we have been able to explain many different reasons for claims of paranormal activity and the reality behind some very famous Urban Legends.

How often do you go out on investigations?

We average around 2 investigations per month but it is not the only thing that we are involved in. We are active in researching the possible scientific explanation of claimed paranormal events. We have presented many different lectures that allow us to educate the public in the reality in paranormal research. We also have a weekly on-line radio show at www.warningradio.info  that features our adventures and interviews with some great guests.

What is the most common thing that you investigate?

We investigate all claims of paranormal activity which can include subjects ranging from Crypto-zoology, U.F.O.’s, Claims of psychics and claims of pseudo-scientific medical claims, but we primarily investigate claims of ghostly phenomena.

How do you feel about all the Ghost Hunting television programs?

Unfortunately the trend of “Reality” programs about the field we have seen a huge jump in people wanting to get into “Ghost Hunting” because it seems like something fun to do. This is like someone watching a television show about the police and then going out pretending to be a police office without the proper training. This is something that is harmful to people who believe that they have paranormal activity in their homes, because when they are searching for help they will contact a team with what we refer to as “TV Training” and usually end up with major psychological damage. An example of how bad these programs can be is a case where we had a client that was convinced that the same Demon that was following an investigator from a television show was infesting her 7 year old son’s room. She had convinced her son too.

Do you have one experience that stands out among the rest?

We have a current project where we have done a study to see the psychology of other paranormal “ghost Hunting” teams. This was done by creating a “Haunted house” with a back story and scared family. All of the stories were fabricated including the family. We made sure that the home was one that had no claims of paranormal activity and then invited a local team to investigate the home without knowing that their team was being watched and their techniques were being critiqued. This concluded with the team not only believing that the home was haunted but a member of the team being investigated believing that he was possessed by a Demon.

What is the most valuable tool to take with you on an investigation?

Because we investigate claims of the paranormal we feel that the most important tool is critical thinking. It does not matter how much equipment that you have if you are not able to approach the data and the claims with an open critical mind.

Is there anything out there to be afraid of?

The only thing that people should be afraid of is people who make claims of paranormal “proof” or charge for paranormal “skills”. There are many people who are scam artists preying on people in times of grief. It is one of our goals to expose people like this to help the public.

How can someone get in touch with Rocky Mountain Paranormal?
We have several different ways of contacting us or following our adventures.
We are also on FaceBook:
Matthew Baxter
Bryan Bonner
Bryan & Baxter

That’s another edition of Unexplained Confidential in the HNN files.  I’ll be back again in probably less than a week with ANOTHER paranormal related interview.  What can I say,  the ghosts are busy.  

Later F’N’ Later,


  1. Wow. sounds like sour grapes to me. “While we have never been able to prove a haunting” ..so you decided to prank other people. Not that there aren’t idiots and scamstsrs out there… but you really didn’t make yourself look any better than them. Maybe if you spent the time scamming and ragging about others into actually trying to document activity, you would get some… or maybe you’re like the jerks on ghosthunters that the disembodied dont want to talk to you either….

    • “Sour grapes, Jerks” and you think we are negative?

      We have been looking into claims of paranormal for over 12 years now, and not by “ragging about others trying to document”.. The difference is that we don’t assume that everything that we can’t immediatly explain is a ghost.

      We want people who are looking for help with somehting that they do not understand to realise that there are many people in this field that have no qualifications to conduct any type of research, especially one that can cause great psychological harm.

      So… go talk to your broken radios and Ouija boards or consult your psychic and let us work with the people who need real explinations.


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