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Book Review: The Chocolate Man – Author Waide Aaron Riddle


by Waide Aaron Riddle

Enter into night
in this house
of dark and no light

Where Evil lives
and ghouls and specters
and never forgive.

This house known as
Blackraven, haunted
by death, where there
is no God…there is
no heaven.

“The Chocolate Man” by Waide Aaron Riddle is something that comes along only once in a generation. Something that stands out amongst the millions of words that are put down to paper on a daily basis, something that is different, bold and fresh.”The Chocolate Man” cannot be pinned down to a genre. Is it a story? Is it a poem? Is it a children’s book? Is it a horror tale? Emphatically yes to them all.

What first stands out when starting on Mr. Riddle’s wonderful journey through 1899 New York is the impact, emotion and atmosphere he is able to portray with minimal words. Every word is carefully placed, has a purpose and could not stand on it’s own without the others,  like a tile in a vast mosaic.

I read a lot of material and have read a lot of stuff over the years and I can’t remember reading anything quite like “The Chocolate Man”. Being a lifelong fan of the written word, reading “The Chocolate Man” was a journey back in time to when I first started reading, the thrill of discovering new and exciting tales, stories and poems.

Sometimes we get so caught up in reading the next big author, the genre of the month, putting out reviews and commentary we sometimes lose what we first loved about reading in the first place…the wonderful way words can carry us off to distance places and times.

I am certain the Mr. Riddle’s “The Chocolate Man” is destined to become a classic.

For you chocolate lovers, once you read this you will never look at chocolate the same way again.

The book is wonderfully illustrated by world renowned artist Robert Aragon.

Use the links above to order this wonderful macabre journey. I give “The Chocolate Man” my highest recommendation.

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