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From the Nightshift: Vampire Killers

When you find yourself awake at all hours you find yourself feeling like a vampire, and start wondering if you really have a coffin in your basement. I love all things vampires, from the original novel Dracula to Buffy the Vampire Slayer (television version please) to even the Dracula that was part of the campy Cliffhangers series.

I find the bloodsuckers to be sexy, scary and down right cool. Some of the movies that have come out are great and should be viewed as classics and some are awful, but normally I enjoy them anyway. I could list hundreds of movies and give you reasons to watch them even only for the comedy.

When surfing one night I noticed a link on our site, yes I do read horrornews.net so sue me and found an online series called Vampire Killers. www.vampirekillers.tv The slogan is Thirteen vampires. Thirteen ways to die.

So far there are six web episodes. The story line is that a group of vampire killers are trying to destroy a nest of vampire in LA. The vampires are all beautiful women who seem to dress in underwear and have push up bras and they are lead by “Charlotte Ross” (Anesia Titov) ( a vampire who can regenerate when staked.). The vampire hunters are few in number and are a mix of men and women. I am not going to give away the story line of the episodes you should watch them yourself, but will say they are a little cheesy but I found myself watching them a few times, maybe due to the powers of Anesia Titov. And yes I have to say it, she could bite me anytime. The show if given a chance to grow could be very addicting.

The web site besides having the six web episodes have back histories on all the characters and galleries of the 13 lovely vampires. A lot of work has gone into this series and I hope they get a chance to make more episodes. If you go to the web site you can find out how to support the show or if you are an actor or a director how you might be able to work with Anesia Titov. I wonder if horrornews.net would send me on assignment, it would make a great column, oh come on guys. At least tell Anesia Titov I die well screaming. maybe that would help. Also how can we sign all the vampires amd some of the killers to be horror vamps? Okay, I am getting some cake and going to watch the show again.

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