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Teaser Trailer For ‘Army of Frankenstein’

I don’t think I’ve heard of this one before but apparently it’s been floating around for a couple years.  It’s called ARMY OF FRANKENSTEIN and works under the simple but creepy cool premise of what would have happened if Adolf Hitler had stumbled across the workings of Victor Frankenstein.

The film is shot POV style but in the fashion of those old war newsreels that we’ve all seen on The History Channel and the like.

It’s a great idea and although the teaser trailer doesn’t really give us much info on just what exactly the film is about it does give us a great look at what director Richard Raaphorst is going for visually and I’ve gotta say, I like it lots.

It looks like the film might be going through a name change, maybe?  The OFFICIAL WEBSITE is posted although there is nothing there yet, just a title page that says FRANKENSTEIN’S ARMY, so perhaps that will be the new title?  Don’t know but we should know soon.  Keep it here and I’ll update you as needed.

Here’s the tease, I love the premise although that music wears on you a bit..just saying.


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