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12 Jokes about Christmas themed horror

Ho! Ho! Horror!

It’s the holiday season,and there are horror films firmly in the spirit and theme of Christmas! Some even have remakes or sequels? Yes it’s true (shudder!).

Check out these titles:
Silent Night,Deadly Night.
Black Christmas.
Christmas Evil.
Santa’s Slay.
Don’t Open ‘Till Christmas.
Santa Klaws.
To All a Good Night.
Jack Frost.
Rare Exports:A Christmas Tale.

As you can see, there’s a fairly decent amount to choose from, and poke fun at. So, let’s have some Christmas flavored horror film fun,with some deliriously bad jokes about them!

1) What”green” film do you get by crossing A Charlton Heston sci-fi film, and a film with a killer dressed as Santa Claus?

“Soylent Night, Deadly Night!”

2) What movie is about creature rotary tools, that multiply if you get water on them, or feed them after midnight?


3) What film is about a serial killer, reincarnated as a snowman that has emotional distress about everything?

“Jack Fraughts!” 

4) What film is about a murderer dressed as Santa Claus, who likes Bo Diddley music?

“Silent Night, Diddley Night!”

5) What film has an escaped maniacal dentist, returning to his childhood home, to prevent tooth decay?

“Plaque Christmas!”

6) What film has a killer in the form of a snowman cake?

“Jack Frosting”!

7) What film has a killer pretending to be Santa, that can’t stand anything on the E! Channel?

“Christmas E! full!”

8) What film has Tony Hawk dressed as Santa Claus, performing skateboard tricks under the Korvatunturi mountains?

“Rare X-Sports”!

9) What film has a guy dressed as Santa, obsessed with a B-movie actress and her choice of instant coffee?

“Sanka Klaws!”

10) What film is about a killer targeting everyone dressed as Santa, coming for you next, as you go to your job as mall Santa?

“Done Hopin’ ‘Till Christmas!”

11) In what movie did a demon’s son serving 1000 years as Santa, finally have his gambling debt”wiped clean”?


12) In what film does a Santa costumed maniac, torment finishing school girls, by making them workout to”Buns of Steel” twice?

“Dual;a Glute Night”!

Ugh! I think this batch of bad jokes will land me on the naughty list, for sure! ! I hope you enjoyed them, and remember:There’s a bad joke just waiting to be written!

Marry Christmas, Maniacs!
Your Fiend, Yours Drool-ly:
Monstermatt Patterson

Bad Monster Jokes.Good Monster Masks.
Author of”Monstermatt’s Bad Monster Jokes Vol.1″

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