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Book Review: The Book of Legion – Issue 1

Author Ryan Mojica, Freebird Hayes, Reverend Thomas Thorn
Pencils: Ryan Mojica, James Helkowski
Colors: Michelle Kruse, Ryan Mojica
Letters: Michelle Kruse
Publisher: Legion Studios
Publication Date: 2007
Format: Full Color – 48 pages
Price: $3.95

The Book of Legion #1 is anthology book unlike any I had ever read before. Within these pages were three stories that, in my opinion, were not told from a scary/horror sense but instead more Satanic point of view. Now there is nothing wrong with that at all. Just something I personally had never encountered in a horror style comic book. While it was a different angle I want to read more (good thing there is a #2 already out).

Artwork: 3.8 out of 5
It’s hard to judge artwork on an anthology. One story can be great while the next one makes you say to yourself “What the Hell is that?” Luckily in this case I felt it was all very solid work. The cartoonish style by Mojica was very pleasing and easy to follow. I did enjoy the breakup of the art styles though with Helkowski contributing to The Battle story. Overall very nice complimenting styles. Then on He Who Laughs Last it’s a nice breakup from the typical comic style to a paragraph story with pictures to accompany the scene.

Story: 4 out of 5
The Book of Legion contained 3 stories. The Battle, The Smell and He Who Laughs Last. One thing that stood out to me was the way the stories flowed together. We have one main storyteller reading from the Book of Legion, but when one story ends it flows back to the story teller and then into the next story. It’s really seamless and different, there is no start and stop and it works so well. The stories are well written and original. The Smell to me pulled itself away from the other two as it progressed by diving deeper and deeper into a man’s thoughts as he tries to recall a certain aroma that keeps eluding. Just the way it was told from his internal monologue as it drove him into madness. Very nice.

Dying Breath: 4 out of 5
Overall The Book of Legion was original and different from the other anthologies I have read. The points of view and the main direction the stories came from make it stand out from the pack of similar books. I think you get more than you moneys worth here, but I don’t think it appeals to everyone and that is kind of the drawback to it. Bottom line is, if you like a good Horror Anthology book, and who really doesn’t, give it a chance. These guys know what they are doing and I was not disappointed at all.

For more info on The Book of Legion please go to http://www.legionsden.com/
You can also order copies on www.indyplanet.com

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