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Unexplained Confidential: Aliens the Truth

Greetings Earthling,

“Take me to your leader”. These words have been muttered in many a sci-fi picture. Hollywood and many of its movers and shakers have taken a fancy to the UFO pop culture machine. Through the years, the image of the “grey” or alien that we have become so familiar with, has been tweaked and re-tweaked time and time again. The most powerful imagine from “the movies” that I can remember is when I was a child was watching the extraterrestrials walks off the space ship in, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”.

It was a picture of beauty and it seemed so real to me. The aliens in the movie, “Cocoon” have a similar look, once they became un-skinned. It’s a far cry from the “little green men” theory from the 50’s and 60’s. Those aliens always had antennas coming out of their heads. We don’t get too many alien images these days with antennas. I guess with all the advances in digital television, those aliens no longer need antennas to pick up good Earth reception. That’s just my theory.

Hollywood obviously controlled our concept of what an alien might look like. It’s a look based off of many alien autopsy photos dating back to the Roswell crash. Now, that’s assuming the photos are real. Are they? The disinformation about this has always been astounding. I want to believe that all those photos are real but the world may never know, if our government has anything to say about it.

We are all movie fans here and I think a lot of us just see it for what it is and nothing more. People don’t like to color outside the lines just as they don’t like to see beyond what’s in front of them. Most people believe what they’re told by the media and that’s an unfortunate consequence.

Of course, there’s always the unlined question after you’re done watching a good science fiction movie.

Can you SEE what that question is? When you are walking out of the dark theatre and then looking up into our sky, you might be thinking, “I wonder if something else is really out there?” and then you forget about it and go about your normal day to day routine. There’s nothing wrong with that… maybe. I think there’s a little kid in all of us that really wants to believe.

Look at the popularity of the movie, “E.T.” in its day and the record breaking numbers that it pulled in. There’s an “Elliott” in all of us looking for our own personal E.T. I know I’m looking for my own personal “E.T.” but mine leans more towards the horror side of science fiction.

The alien that I’m looking for isn’t a “good” alien like E.T. or those aliens from Cocoon that help old people. The alien that I’m looking for is the same alien that our government is hiding from us. He’s not a very nice alien. He wants to do bad things to us. Maybe the alien and our government are one in the same?

Today we are talking with Alien/UFO/Paranormal Investigator, Chris Augustin who runs the best UFO website out there.

ALIENSTHETRUTH.COM is a phenomenal site, but I’d love to know its origins. Abducted Sister? Close Encounter? Science Fiction Television? When did your interest in aliens start?

Thanks for your kind words. I’ve always been interested in the phenomenon in general, from science fiction TV shows and movies to actual events like the Roswell Crash of 1947. I’d say there was one event that really made me start researching everything and that was the movie Independence Day. After seeing so many different aspects of UFOs, government cover-ups and aliens in general presented in such a way, it really made me want to learn more. I just so happened to get internet access then, which was 1996, so it worked out quite well. Over the years, I have had my own sightings and experiences that have helped motivate me in my work as well.

I’ve been writing my paranormal column, “Unexplained Confidential” for only about one year now for Horrornews.net, and it has been a daunting task. How long have you been researching alien activity?

I’d say I’ve been heavily into it since about 1997 or so. My interests online changed quite a bit during the late 90s, from collecting Voltron memorabilia to collecting UFO sightings and photographs.

How often are you in direct contact with MUFON?

I’m in touch with them quite often. I run the monthly UFO Meetup Group in Philadelphia, so we have MUFON attendance every month. I’m also friends with some of the state section directors.

Last year, I interviewed Donald Schmitt on his book, “Witness to Roswell” and I’m currently reading a book called “Contactee”. What books would you consider required reading for the alien enthusiast?

I couldn’t put “Witness to Roswell” down, that was just another fine example of someone doing their homework, interviewing witnesses, tracking down eye witness testimony, etc; which clearly showed it wasn’t a weather balloon.

I’d say it really depends on what your personal interests are. I tend to be all over the place, one week reading something on spirituality, the next week something focusing on abductions.

I do tend to spend a lot of time on the abduction phenomenon, so Whitley Streiber’s “Communion” would be an excellent starting point.

I’ve always been a fan of “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” and there’s something about “Fire in the Sky” that I really enjoy. In your opinion, are there any movies out there that really capture the UFO or alien experience to it potential?

I enjoy both of these as well. I’d have to say that there are theories among the community that these movies are released for exactly that reason, to educate and acclimate people to the concept of ET life and our contact with them. One book I read that dealt with “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” discussed how Steven Spielberg was inspired by actual UFO sightings and encounters for many parts of the movie. I wouldn’t doubt it at all if people such as he might be in the know, as they say, or at least have been given some information over the years so these concepts are presented in a certain way so they aren’t considered scary or intimidating to the masses.

How important is it really, for our Government to admit that extraterrestrials exist?

I’d have to say in today’s world, it isn’t as important as it used to be. Due to the power of the internet, people all around the world have the ability to describe and share their pictures, videos and experiences of any paranormal nature. A large collection of our world’s governments have disclosed their UFO files, except the US. The US has not officially investigated them since Project Blue Book closed in 1969. I highly doubt they aren’t still keeping tabs on things, since many sightings include a military presence. I also don’t think that there will be an official disclosure; I think the people of the world will force their hands and the evidence will speak for itself.

I heard about this through a fan inquiry. It’s fairly local to both of us. Do you know much about the Wanaque Vortex?

I have to be honest and admit I don’t know much about it. I have heard of the area before, especially Montauk NY, but don’t know much about the case. I’d say this falls in line with many of the reports that I receive as well. Most of the people who are serious about this subject do not want to be subjected to the ridicule that the general public tends to dish out. I’ve made it a point in my life to be as open about what I do as possible. People tend to bring it up in conversation more than I do! I’ve moved past letting it bother me, but I can easily understand their point of view. The number one thing experiences and researchers want is to share what they have found with as many people as possible. Not to push their viewpoints onto others like an evangelist, but to show people there is more to live than the black and white of life and death.

When dealing with so many UFO sightings and related alien information, how much do you think is “the truth” ?

That’s an interesting question. I approach every report in the same manner; first and foremost, I listen to the person’s story. I do my best not to pass judgment or try to identify what they saw while they’re telling me what they saw or experienced. The number one reason for this is so I can take in their mood, their emotions and their sincerity. Does it seem like they’re trying to share an experience with someone who is willing to listen or do they seem like they’re trying to make some money.

Once that portion is done I go over as many details as possible, just to be sure I have everything right, plus it’s another good check to see if someone genuinely experienced something or if they’re fabricating the events.

Once the details are laid out, I then try to identify any possible conventional explanations for what was witnessed. That’s when the real work begins. Whether it’s checking for aircraft flight patterns, weather phenomenon or the Planet Venus, you need to rule out the known before you can claim an unknown.

What can we expect from ALIENSTHETRUTH.COM in the future?

I’ve been noticing a shift in what drives me, so I am probably going to be focusing a lot more on abductions, since they’re the type of phenomenon that represents the greatest personal impact. There are also some very intriguing collections of repeat sightings around the US and elsewhere, including California, Ohio and Pennsylvania. People have witnessed and recorded objects for nearly 2 weeks in a row. There’s a lot more to the story than what’s being reported, MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) has already sent investigators out and have reported that what’s being seen is conventional and doesn’t warrant further study, but the eye witnesses and many others aren’t accepting their conclusion. Mainly since these people have lived in the area for most of their lives and have never seen anything like this before. Some of the witnesses even have military backgrounds and worked in aviation.

I also wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to share my work and for your questions!

Seek out the Truth: Aliens the Truth

Thank you for an amazing interview and I would love to attend one of those monthly UFO meetings in Philadelphia. Let’s try to set that up. I’d love to be able to share other points of view and opinions regarding UFO subject matter.

There is a lot to work on to keep the paranormal normal here at Unexplained Confidential headquarters. In the weeks and months ahead, my goal is to bring you this column on a more frequent basis with more paranormal related interviews and news than ever before. Horrornews.net is growing by leaps and bounds, and U.C. is right there growing inside. I guess you could say Horrornews is the human host and Unexplained Confidential is the baby alien getting ready to burst through it’s stomach and splatter all you readers with blood. Alright, all this talk is making me hungry.

Unexplained Confidential: Aliens the Truth



  1. Richard Hostler

    If you read, “Communion,” by Whitley Strieber, know that it is a true story, and I,m sorry that their experiences were traumatizing and fearful for them. They claimed that they saw pictures of a city being built, and the earth on fire. Those that have been contacted will not be here to see the destruction of earth. I contacted two MUFON directors, DE and PA, and told them that I knew who these “Aliens” were and both broke off contact with me. You see, they don’t know who they are, so no one else should know.
    In a book by Sam Harris titled “The End of Faith,” in the notes section of the book Sir Martin Rees makes a prediction that gives our species no better than a 50% chance of surviving this century. I can up that percentage to 100%.

  2. Richard Hostler

    MUFON has no idea who the aliens are. When I tried to tell them, they cut me off, because if they don’t know, no one should.


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