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Book Review: Classics Illustrated issue 4 – The Raven and others – Author Edgar Allan Poe

Author Edgar Allan Poe
Illustrations by Gahan Wilson
Published by Papercutz
Retail $9.95 each

I only wished my old “Classics illustrated” looked this good! if your like me , maybe you have a few favorites still lying around in mylar sheets and cardboard that you never open in fear of letting the fresh air deteriorate them even more? Or maybe the ones you do still read are wrinkled, creased and falling at the seems? This latest edition may be a reissue under the classics name, but its a sign that you can look forward to many such editions being re-packaged and available to you again with new vibrancy and clarity.

Raven and other poems is a tribute to the works of Edgar Allen Poe. All his greatest poems are featured inside this rather attractive edition. The one I reviewed consistst of a hard cover bound much like the Dr. Suess books with nice semi gloss stock. If that isn’t enough we have the great illustration work of Gahan Wilson, an all time favorite macabre cartoonist of mine. He has been called on to illustrate each poem with 1 page pieces as accompaniment to Edgar’s works posted throughout. Each illustration contains that Wilson style we have come to love. Humorous, macabre, quirky, detailed and a truly unique style that more than appropriately shares space with Poe’s work.

Upon reviewing, its hard to really review the content which is widely known and respected among writers and authors. To some it’s pure genius to others it a complex puzzle that requires a higher level of analogy than a usual comic piece. The poems are presented as they were written and rather than a sequential comic adaptation they are left as literature with single page illustrations. My favorite being “The Raven” which is legendary in its own right is the highlight of the bunch . A few shorter poems are featured as well.

Edgar Allen Poe’s pieces always seem to contain a high level of inherit darkness to them. That darkness is more easily revealed though proper dissection than quick read thru’s.

As a bonus the edition features an excerpt from the Classics Illustrated “Frankenstein”, another release from PaperCutz. Papercutz is doing what many should have long ago, restoration of classic materials. Do yourself a favor and pick up a few. This edition is very durable and a prize for collectors.

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    I must get this! Thanks for the write up.


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