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From the Nightshift: Interview Tammy Reger (Slugs)

In 1988 New World Pictures released a Spanish film that had partially been made in New York State. The movie is called “Slugs: the movie” and is one of those so bad it’s good movies. It is a movie that you have to see at least once in your life. The main character is named “Mike Brady” and he faces super strong, super slow moving killer snails with teeth. One of the actresses from the movie, Tammy Reger is a busy actress in the Buffalo downtown theatre scene. She was willing to give me a moment and talk about facing the terror that is SLUGS.

“Well of course I like you, but liking you and letting you get into my panties is a different kinda thing.” ~Pam

How did you end up getting cast in the production?
Well Mr. Insomniac, Actually- my then community theater group- the West Seneca players – received a flyer- promoting an open casting call for leading roles in the movie, I don’t even think they mentioned anything about the title,, haha. Four of us drove up for the audition…
well, it was in Rochester-in a little house-all we needed to bring was a resume’ they said they were going to do a headshot and screen test.

It sounded so official and we were QUITE excited. They had a studio set up in a little house, we waited in a comfortable family room and were called into an interview room one at a time–after talking briefly to a panel of three people , ( well I may not have been SO brief ) about ourselves-you were either thanked and sent on your merry way OR as in my case, sent to another room for the screen test. I was shown where to stand, handed a script, and given a brief synopsis of the scene. quick headshot, bright lights… and action! That’s a wrap- I was told I would be contacted about call backs and or casting once they had made a decision. I waited and was just starting to get a little impatient when I got the call! Funny story, when they called, they said they were interested in casting me as a featured actress- asked about my availability AND how much I would require in payments for 5 to 7 days of filming. Well… I said I wasn’t sure- but I would discuss the specs with my agent and get back to them in a day or two. Then I hung up the phone, and was jumping up and down totally psyched and screaming MOM! MOM! – They called they want to cast me but want to know how much money!!!!! What do we say???!!! What do you charge for this ???!!!! Oh my gosh oh my gosh!!!! So after talking with my mom, ahem agent. we came up with a figure we hoped wouldn’t be too much( fearful they would go for a cheaper starlet) but at the same time- would obviously cover my expenses and give me some fun monies.. We had NO idea what to ” charge” .. Called them back, first thing the next morning and we accepted each others offers…then the fun began…….

Could you tell me about the role you had in the film?

I was one of four featured high school students. “Pam” was kinda straight laced and annoying. She doesn’t want to go to a Halloween party because she thinks she should stay home and study, leaves her boyfriend for getting to aggressive with a kiss, leaves him in the woods and enroute back to the party-is being followed by one of the “bad boys” so she jumps in a open sewer-and is eaten by slugs… Pam is spam we used to say on set

What did you like playing in the role of Pam? and what did you dislike?There was nothing I didn’t like actually. The whole experience was excellent..to be on the set , to work with the director and especially seeing all the changes made during editing, while watching the completed movie at the premiere- we were all invited to in Lyons New York- which is where it was filmed. The movie would show the outside of one house -suggest you were going into it- and the scene would actually be the inside of a different house we shot in, so it was like being in on a little secret all the time knowing what happened during filming and what was presented to the audience…I got a big kick out of that. Everyone was so nice, made a lot of friends and I got Christmas cards for years from the production company.

Any funny stories about the production?

Well, my character-Pam- as I said jumped into that sewer- to hide (duh) that in itself was funny-and the crew had to pay me for my shoes-I wore my own for the scene-but they needed them for the special effects which they did elsewhere. It was really cold one night when we were filming-so I had a “man that does” he got me blankets and coffee trying to keep me comfortable in between takes- I started asking for ridiculous things like snickers bars, and slippers-because I thought it was so neat someone would do that ! I didn’t realize till I saw the film completed why we had to shoot the scene so many times— it was because they weren’t getting enough skin in my tussle with the bad boy. I did such a good job fighting him off- my skirt wasn’t going up high enough- well they finally got the high thigh shot they wanted and all they really needed to do was ask- I would have let them see with out all that hard work The actual director-didn’t speak English— there was a translator- that was funny. There was a halloween party scene- with a bon fire, pizzas and beer- and all the local “kids” were supposedly at it -the director said – bring your friends-to play extras- I brought two car loads of cousins and friends with me that day.- The drive up there with my friends was a riot! It was about an hour and a half drive, we were SO excited-we had walkie talkies – in the cars( cell phones and texting were not invented yet!) So they are in a bunch of the shots and my ghoom-bah Mary Shaun actually ended up with a speaking line—-after my disappearance-at the end of the party-she yaks about it to this day—in the scene she was wearing a GUESS coat we stole from a then Buffalo Bill player at the Long Branch Saloon in Elma one night-we always worried he would see the movie and finally know who stole his jacket.

There was a guy on set PACO- who pursued me relentlessly –gross– I thought at the time—–So I started a food fight one night—-it was in fun- it was late- close to a wrap and I screamed PACO NEEDS MORE PIZZA squishing pizza on his head and every body started squishing pizza on him. Big mess-that, for first and the last time I didn’t have to clean up my own mess!

When I went to the premiere I was eight months pregnant- the local media was there- standing with my husband and my swollen belly the reporter asked “What have you been doing since you finished filming SLUGS the movie”….hahaha.

After Slugs were you offered any other movie roles?

After “Slugs” I started a family and had three babies in four years. I’ve done many productions on stage- and been involved with several theater companies over the last many years…( cant get my self to say exactly how many years). It’s something i REALLY love participating in…all variables of the production actually. I’ve a dear dear friend who has given me an opportunity to audition and participate in movies but the timing was always a little……Not quite right- once I even had to bow out because of a broken ankle….

Any future plans to come back to acting in the movies?

Yes I’ve plans…..did you ever see driving with miss daisy????? I’ll get there (hope your laughing) I may write something perfect for myself actually. I know exactly who I’ll be callinng to direct!

Tammy Reger also has a cameo in “Slime City Massacre” in the flashback scenes. She is one of the cult members. I thank Tammy for your time and we look forward to seeing her on the screen again one day.

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