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Horror Talk: 11.05.10 – VBlog with Victoria Paege

Silent Hill the video game series was one of my all time favorites and one of the most demented and dark games around. In 2006 we were brought the movie and were able to see the characters and the town cross over into a dimension the game had not been able to go, which was to bring life to the characters in the big screen. Pyramid head was there in all of his wondrous glory as well as the shifting dimensions, floating ash and the ominous sense of foreboding. Unfortunately, the movie felt incomplete and as a fan of the games I knew that there was much more that should have been brought to life. Earlier this week it was announced that Michael J. Bassett has been attached to a new Silent Hill movie! This movie promises to be based off of the third game, Resurrection, and will share the same name.


It will also bring the eerie feeling, characters and shifting dimensions to us in 3d. There is much anticipation as the story should bring more intense action and even bigger monsters. As always, you can check out my latest updates on my facebook page:


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