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Horror Talk: 10.27.10 – VBlog with Victoria Paege

Now, I have something very, very special for you kiddies! The first installment of my femme fatale, Miss Victoria Paege! This is her debut, this IS a huge deal for me, as well as her. You were introduced to her charm, and right now you get a chance to see what she is all about! Crazies and Maniacs, it gives me great pride and pleasure to introduce my partner in grim in the first ever of a segment we would like to call Victoria’s Sinister Secrets!


Thank you Vee for that great report! You will see more of her in the coming months, and be sure to fiend her on her Facebook page to give her some of the ideas you would like her to report on. . be nice you horny ghouls!

Mr. Death

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