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Exclusive Interview: Kylee Michael (Maid Droid)

How did you get attached to MAID DROID?

When I first auditioned for the role I actually read for Mako. I had just watch ex machina to study for the role and had an amazing time reading for it. When Rich reached out to me and cast me as Julie I was equally ecstatic to take on that role and add a bit of spice to the movie through exploring the twisted relationship of Harrison and Julie. Rich gave me a lot of creative freedoms with the character and as an improv actor at heart I was sold on the movie!

Tell us a little bit about your character?

Julie was a fun character to play. We mostly see her in flashback scenes, some romanticized and some taunting Harrison, leaving him to swim in his thoughts as he processes his loss. The juxtaposition of these two sides of Julie highlighted the complexities of their past relationship. Julie and Harrison have an age gap, highlighting immaturity surrounding the break up and following her attempt to get Harrison back.

How was it working with Rich Mallery?

it’s an absolute joy to be on a set with Rich Mallery. His passion and dedication for his art shines through in his attitude and work throughout the day, even on the longest of shoot days. Cinema Epoch is truly a family I’m grateful to be a part of!

What was your favorite scene?

I loved filming the bar scene with Harrison and Julie when they finally meet up. They’re excited to see each other, the tension is palpable and was fun to make those feelings come to life with Jay (Harrison)

What was the most difficult aspect to making this film?

We had quite a quick turn around with the script which challenged my memorization and prep. Yet overall we pulled it off and had an amazing time doing so!

What makes this film stand out?

The initial shock of the first scenes captures your attention, keeping you guessing throughout the movie and expecting the worst. The film explores Harrison post break up, showing his vulnerability, something not shown in many films with a male lead.

Do you have any favorite horror films?

Ironically I’m not knowledgeable about many horror films, yet psychological thrillers are my favorite genre to act! Doesn’t quite count as horror, but The Sixth Sense would be my favorite movie along those lines.

What made you want to get into acting?

I’ve been a performer from day one, always forcing my parents to sit and wait for me to put on a “grand show”…this usually entailed me flitting about and making them record my newest dance routine or song. From there I went to Mr. Rays performing arts school in Florida, pursuing musical theater from age 5. Once enrolled in a public school I continued theatre until I got a role doing voice over work at Vermont PBS. Through my work there I had exposure to screen acting and fell in love with the nuances of screen acting and the deep character development that comes in the preparations months. As a neuroscience/psychology major, analyzing my characters to bring them to life is my favorite part.

Who inspires your creativity?

From day one my dad has been the creative spark lighting my fuse. He could take the most mundane moment and make it into an elaborate saga to entertain me as a kid while we would have a Taco Bell father daughter date. From those stories we would try to bring them to life by making short movies, teaching me how to make stop motion, composition, and how musical scores impact the story.

What’s next for you?

I’m a neuroscience and computer programming major. I’m about to head into my third year at USC and plan to continue balancing my studies with acting and modeling.

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