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Indie Horror “Unseen” Indiegogo Launch

Sequanda Films launched a pre production Indiegogo campaign for the psychological horror film “Unseen” on July 28th, 2023.

Unseen is the follow up film from director Steve Merlo after releasing The Sawyer Massacre last fall, which is the very first feature length Texas Chain Saw Massacre fan film and serves as an unofficial prelude to the original classic. Unseen will be a film that completely immerses the viewer into the mind of a killer and affects anyone who has ever been close to their breaking point.

In the aftermath of an unknown disaster, a mentally unstable man attempts to satisfy his conscience while tormenting a woman with an abusive past.

Unseen will feature well known horror icon Felissa Rose and introduce young actress Trinity Chase in the lead role “Crystal”. Also among the cast is Brett Wagner (Leatherface for the first kill) of the 2003 remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, who will be playing Crystal’s father Bob and Jaime Hill who was recently in the indie horror hit “Skinamarink”. Much of the cast is well known in the indie horror community.

Teaming up with indie film production companies Twitch Twitch Productions and AKA Productions, Director Steve Merlo is ready to bring a dark and atmospheric horror film that puts you right into the mind of the killer. Also on the team is SFX artist Thomas Smith of Sick & Twisted FX and west coast based cinematographer, William D. Amendola.

“Unseen” Indiegogo Campaign


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