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Interview: Mike Ferguson & Randall J. Bacon, co-stars in The Flood (2023)

Interview with Mike Ferguson & Randall J. Bacon, co-stars in The Flood (2023)

By Lobat Asadi

Despite being adversaries in “The Flood” Mike Ferguson and Randall J. Bacon strike an unlikely friendship while co-starring in the action-thriller. The actors portray inmates, who not only have to face killer alligators, but also some inner battles. Mike, an actor and stuntman, whose character Floyd is a White supremist explained, “In terms of my character, I am the polar opposite. I do a lot of YouTube G-rated shows for children. I am just a normal, chill guy, but I have known guys like Floyd. To prepare for this role, I recollected every disgusting thing I have seen such people do.” Randall, an actor and ex-athlete explained how he differs from his character Jox, a Black man incarcerated in the state of Louisiana. “I have never been in jail, but I do relate in other ways. Jox was opportunistic when trying to stay alive. I am also opportunistic in life.”

Mike jumped at the opportunity to work with Randall. “He is young, motivated, passionate, and values family. That’s been my whole life. I just have these tattoos that make me look a little bit different.” Randall was pleasantly surprised when meeting Mike. “When I saw photos of him with all of his tattoos, I thought he would be easy to hate, but when I met Mike, he said, ‘my ex-wife was Black,’ and I fell in love with him. I was like this dude is cool – and funny.”
Despite their clashing characters, Mike knew they could “make something beautiful” once the co-stars got to know one another. The real-life admiration that developed enabled the actors to “do some magnificent shit,” added Mike.

In one such scene, Floyd and Jox clasp hands, as each one makes critical life or death decisions. “We created a decisive moment. Casper Van Dien, Nicky Whelan, Louis Mandylore, who are acting Jedi, were gracious to run the scene with us,” added Mike. The co-stars were thankful that Director Brandon Slagle graciously allowed for small, but impactful changes to the script. “The contrast between the two of us was amazing!” said Randall. This comradery resulted in powerful acting decisions that audiences can see.

However, being waist deep in water 24/7 presented other challenges. “It was hard, but now I am experienced. Mike and I should make a movie as Special Forces,” said Randall. “I think we should make action movies and a comedy together. Let’s do it buddy,” added Mike, to which Randall replied – “exactly.”


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