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Watch What Scares You! Summer 2023

10. DEATH METAL – A death metal band is on its last legs after a disastrous European tour and is about to be dropped by their label. Hiring a legendary producer from the Norwegian black metal scene, the band sets out to record their latest album in a remote farmhouse outfitted with top-of-the-line gear. Ivan, the lead guitarist, plans to record The Devil’s Concerto, a piece of music he brought back from Europe that – according to myth – drives audiences mad. What the band didn’t expect was that the myth was true, and they must now survive the curse that’s been unleashed.

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9. 16 BITS – The lines between reality and video games blur when a lonely loser befriends a violent street fighter who emerges from an old 16-bit fighting game.

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8. TROUBLESHOOTERS – In the near future, when laser blasting home and business security robots begin malfunctioning and attacking and killing the people they’re assigned to protect, a cracker-jack team known as ‘Troubleshooters’ are called in to stop the robots before they cause more death and destruction.

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7. THE WHISPER IN THE WOODS – Following the death of a loved one, two backpackers journey into the mountains to help with an emotional release. They stumble upon horrors beyond their wildest imagination. This is a horror tale about regret.

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6. HUMAN HIBACHI 2: FEAST IN THE FOREST – Set in the deep woods, a cannibal family obsessed with the first “Human Hibachi” video have made it their life’s mission to find the only two individuals left from it. If successful, they vow to provide them with the most elaborate feast imaginable.

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5. NECRONOMICON – The Necronomicon is used to lure victims to their death and capture their souls. One such person is the comic book writer George Carney who thinks his visit to New Orleans is to research a new book. In fact he his their to impregnant the Witch, Zilia before she sucks the very soul from his body so his child can be brought back as the reincarnation of Crowley himself.

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4. BLOOD CORRODES INSIDE TRILOGY – A Baroque House, a Los Angeles-based DIY production, specializes in the creation of extreme horror films that combine adult content with elements of horror and fetishism. Recently, the company has unveiled their initial trio of short films under the title “Blood Corrodes Inside Trilogy” in a standard edition release on three set blu-ray boxset. Each blu-ray disc is regionally compatible and features a distinct short film along with its supplementary materials. These offerings present a captivating and unconventional fusion of fetishism, explicit content, and gore, offering a fresh perspective on contemporary DIY horror while paying homage to 70s roughies and late 90s amateur fetish horror.

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3.  MALICE NU GUI – Sinn and her university friends find themselves tormented by the ancient curse of the vengeful Nu Gui. As the malevolent spirit unleashes havoc, Keo is forced to confront her haunting past and unravel a tragic connection to the malignant figure known as Malice. Secrets will be unearthed and the boundaries of reality will blur in this harrowing tale of revenge. Brace yourself for a journey into the realm of supernatural obsession.

Join the obsession, Watch Malice: Nu Gui for free on Tubi: https://tubitv.com/movies/100005016


2. KILL CITY CUP –  Kill City Cup is presented by the largest & most powerful company in the world, Kill Corp!  Kill Corp rose to prominence after the Great War of 2035 – a battle over depleted natural resources which saw countries fighting over what little reserves were left. Humanity was on the brink of eliminating themselves when a great visionary, Mr. Kill, came up with a miracle energy source – Green Electricity!  The world was helpless. Mr. Kill was as cunning as he was evil. He knew a distracted population was a happy one, so he launched the Kill City Cup as a modern-day gladiator tournament to keep the masses entertained and pacified.

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1. CRUEL SUMMER 1 & 2 – From director Scott Tepperman comes a new tale of slasher terror! A group of college students plan one final pre-graduation party at a secluded lake house for the ultimate “80s murder mystery” weekend, unaware that a masked psycho has just decided to join the celebration. Killer twists and turns “surround” every corner and so does the crazed madman. Will anyone survive the slaughter…or is this going to become a truly Cruel Summer?

The mayhem and blood flows in the next chapter of the retro throwback that is the Cruel Summer saga! Heeding the advice of medical professionals, the traumatized survivors of a deadly vacation house massacre try to confront their own personal demons by organizing a stage production of their harrowing experience. But a familiar face is back for revenge, and determined to make sure these unsuspecting actor’s stories fade to black before their TIME!

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