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Malice: Nu Gui now showing on Tubi

Malice:Nu Gui, a modern Australian horror film inspired by Ancient Chinese Folklore. now showing on for free on Tubi.

Keo Sinn and her university friends find themselves tormented by the ancient curse of the vengeful Nu Gui. As the malevolent spirit unleashes havoc, Keo is forced to confront her haunting past and unravel a tragic connection to the malignant figure known as Malice. Secrets will be unearthed and the boundaries of reality will blur in this harrowing tale of revenge. Brace yourself for a journey into the realm of supernatural obsession.

Starring main cast: Martina Chen as Malice, Mya Lazorka (Keo), Yumi Kohama (Sakura) and Kent Lee (Zheng Wei)

Written and produced by Chaz Fenwick | Chazfen Studio
Directed by Chaz Fenwick, Gustavo Diaz and Joshua Evans

Directors statement:
Director and producer Chaz Fenwick shares his sentiments of the film’s release, stating, “After this 2-year journey, it’s hard to put into words the mix of emotions I feel. There’s a sense of accomplishment and relief, along with a surge of excitement. There’s also a touch of nervousness, wondering how the film will be received by audiences. I want to express my deep gratitude, appreciation, and pride to all the film crew and cast involved. You have played an integral role in bringing my vision to life, and I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved together.”

Join the obsession, Watch Malice: Nu Gui for free on Tubi: https://tubitv.com/movies/100005016

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