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David Perry to star in Dracula in the Hood

Dracula and Van Helsing have one last battle, in the hood.

Dracula is coming to the hood in a new film directed by Will Collazo (Night of the Zomghouls, Bloody Nun). Two best friends encounter the Transylvanian nobleman and must call on legendary vampire hunter Van Helsing to save them from Dracula’s evil plan.

The film will star David Perry and Will Collazo as best friends Trey and Nero. Also starring is scream queen Julie Anne Prescott as Courtney and Tim Hatch as Van Helsing.

David Perry is known in the horror genre for Scream: Legacy, Amityville Thanksgiving, ShadowMarsh, and Not Another Zombie Movie… About The Living Dead.

Filming is scheduled to begin this summer.

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