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Horror Reel May 2023 from Marketing Macabre

Marketing Macabre Horror Reel for May 2023 includes Malice, Death Metal, Final Summer, The First Harvest, Half Dead Fred, and The Astral Woods.

Malice – An ancient evil is unleashed upon six people in a cabin that possesses those who are close to death. They must battle against plague and seal it away before it takes them all over.

Death Metal – A death metal band is on its last legs after a disastrous European tour and is about to be dropped by their label. Hiring a legendary producer from the Norwegian black metal scene, the band sets out to record their latest album in a remote farmhouse outfitted with top-of-the-line gear. Ivan, the lead guitarist, plans to record The Devil’s Concerto, a piece of music he brought back from Europe that – according to myth – drives audiences mad. What the band didn’t expect was that the myth was true, and they must now survive the curse that’s been unleashed.

Final Summer – It is late summer 1991 and the final day of summer camp at Camp Silverlake when tragedy strikes. That evening, as the counsellors attempt to shut down the camp for the season, someone is waiting in the darkness to seek revenge on the unsuspecting camp. Who is the masked killer? Is it the camp urban legend? Or is it something more sinister? Not everything is what it seems at Camp Silverlake.

The First Harvest – After his daughter goes missing, Jerry decides to hunt down the serial killer known as Jay Sullivan. Upon having nightmares of Jay, his Wife Emily decides to join in the hunt. Meanwhile, Jay himself struggles with reality. When he makes a bold decision, he risks everything and everyone he loves. In this tribute to 80’s horror, who can survive?

Half Dead Fred – “A mysterious murder occurs in Flint, Michigan, and Medium detective Freddy Nash is on the case. Years ago, Fred was the victim of a fatal car accident that left Fred and his 9-year-old son dead. A few seconds after his death, Fred came back to life in the hospital. Since this traumatic accident, he has been able to see the dead. As Fred investigates, the case turns out to be much more than a murder.

The Astral Woods – A woman is forced into a life insurance scam and abandoned at a cabin in the woods. She soon learns the land holds an ancient secret that is not from this world

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