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Film Review: KNOCK (Short Film)

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“KNOCK” Directed by Bobby Huotari

While staying with a colleague, a man “down on his luck” is dumbfounded by a recurring knock during the night. His unassuming curiosity to find the source leads him to discover something more than he bargained for.


Bobby Huotari wrote and directed KNOCK. It stars Kyle Felter as Jackson, and Gabe Garcia as Charles. Charles is going to bed, and as usual as soon as you go to bed and try to sleep, that alarm from hell, the DEPTHS of hell go off. Oh, wait, am I talking about me or the film. Both.

Charles is funny, he’s trying to find a job. I love movies like this. There isn’t a specific monster as of now. There is the unknow. You are not quite sure what’s going to happen. It adds to the creepiness factor. Charles is trying to find out what the knocking is. It gets creepier…

I’m glad I was able to watch KNOCK. They did an awesome job.


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