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Interview: W Krsy Fox and Spider One – Bury the Bride

A Panic Fest 2023 Exclusive

Bury the Bride


Hi, I’m so glad I get to talk with both of you. Thank you so much. How did this awesome movie manifest. I did see that both of you have writing credits on Bury the Bride, and Krsy you’re starring in it, and everything. How did it manifest for both of you?

Krsy Fox- It’s funny, we were talking about this yesterday. Originally, we were working on a couple of other projects before Bury the Bride. I was having a shower one day, and I had this thought. I thought, hey, this a cool concept. It kind of started there, and we started talking about it. I wanted us to write one together, and we ended up writing the script together which was amazing. Spider ended up directing, and I ended up acting in it.

Spider One – Along with fifty other jobs.

Krsy- Yes.

Spider- Let’s be honest, the concept came from you having two sisters and never thinking anyone is good enough for them.

Krsy- That’s true. It’s very personal, and I’m from Canada so, with some of the guys and, the way they speak, it reminds me of my brothers’ friends. It was a personal story and Spider’s close to my family.

Spider- The co-writing thing was pretty new. We write a lot on our own but we have both written multiple scripts, and so, collaborating and writing is equal parts helpful, and challenging. It’s helpful because you have somebody else there to pick up the slack when your being lazy. There were definitely some days when we argued about certain things.

Krsy- I think it worked well because we both have a different voice. I think the fact that we wrote for the female and male characters. That helped. Do you think so?

Spider- Yeah! You hope to be able to authentically write in a female or male character, and I’m not female so I will never truly understand that. It helped.

I was so happy that both of you wrote, and it means a lot when you have a female writing, and especially to me. Do you think it helps you learn more from one another?

Krsy- That’s nice. It meant a lot to us working together. You have to be open to other people’s ideas. We did everything together, including editing. I think we work really well together.

Spider- We have a pretty good system worked out. You’re definitely a better collaborator than me.

Krsy- That’s definitely true.

Spider- I’m a little bit more of a know-it-all sometimes, and I think it has to be this way, and you’re a bit more flexible. I think that’s something I could learn from you.

Spider, I have to ask about the music. Did you do any of the music for Bury the Bride?

Spider- It’s funny, out of all the films we made so far, I haven’t…. no, I shouldn’t say that, I wrote some of the music in Allegoria.

Oh, I loved Allergoria.

Spider- For this one I didn’t really do anything. I did find a song, and there is a scene where Carmen is dancing in the desert to a song. It’s by this band called, Night Club. I think in the future, I would like to get more hands on.


How do you both feel about being part of Panic Fest?

Krsy- We love Panic Fest! We are leaving tomorrow, and we’re so excited. There is something special about that festival because they treat their filmmakers so good. They have so much love for indie horror. We became friends with them. I want to see as many films as I can, and we have friends coming. We’re friends with Barbara Crampton, and she’s coming. They have so much passion, and it’s similar to ours. We are excited to see everyone.

Spider- Yup. It’s a great film festival. We stay in contact with everybody. It definitely has a family vibe.


I have to tell you again that I loved Allegoria too because it’s truly inspiring in life. Music, writing, and films have kept me afloat in life. So, thank you and thank you both for making Bury the Bride.

Spider- Thank you. That movie was pretty personal, and like your saying, it touches on living a creative life, and how that can be tortuous, and great. You have this need to create and to be creative. It’s not always the easiest choice in life. I think I feel so happy about that movie. I think over time more people will discover it, and learn to appreciate it.

What are the two of you working on next?

Spider- Oh boy.

Krsy- We actually started on pre-production on our next film. We’re going to be shooting in June… Can I say what it’s called?

Spider- Sure.

Krsy- It’s called Little Bites. It’s a different film from what we’ve made.

Spider- It comes from a personal place.

I thank you both so much for taking the time to talk to me for Panic Fest, and Horrornews.net.

Krsy- Thank you.

Spider- Thank you.





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