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Film Review: Meat Friend (Short Film)

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When a child microwaves raw hamburger meat, it comes to life and teaches inappropriate lessons rooted in a life of crime. Is the ex-con, sentient pile of hamburger meat real, and what is the true cost of this unlikely friendship? Will Billie ever be the same?


“You don’t throw away friends, mom.” Sure, this is true. Meat Friend was directed by Izzy Lee, and written by Steve Johnson and Izzy Lee. So, the gist is, Billie (Marnie McKendry) is microwaving her hamburger, and well…. It comes to life. No, you didn’t read that wrong, it comes to life. Billie winds up with a hamburger friend.

Her Mom (Megan Duffy) is oblivious, and just thinks oh, she’s a kid. Imagine your hamburger just coming to life and giving you wild advice. The special effects are pretty good. The hamburger is a mix of Elmo and Cookie Monster but a meat monster…. I know I don’t get a lot of sleep but is this for real? I guess so, because here I am, EXCITED for Panic Fest 2023, and watching Meat Friend… Oh, by the way every now and then, the Meat Friend sounds like Jigsaw… Unless I just hear Jigsaw in everything.

I guess she calls the Meat Friend, “Beef.” I think she may be possessed now. This was great. It’s right up there with




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