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Film Review: The Nomad (2023)

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When a reporter filming a story about a serial killer targeting the city’s priests comes face to face with the killer, she must choose between turning him in and finishing the story … or directing him towards her abusive father and finishing


The Nomad was written and directed by Daniel Diosdado. This is wild. It opens with Aaron (Dietrich Teschner) on a shooting spree. He is calmly walking down the street in New York. I was able to interview Daniel, and he did verify the movie was filmed in New York, it’s a different look at New York. New York is front and center in The Nomad.

We meet Daneen (Vanessa Calderon) and Lance (John-Peter Cruz). They are getting ready, and they work together.

The music is light, it is ethereal, and everyone is sort in slow-motion, not a are in the world. Okay, so Aaron goes on another rampage at work. The world we live in can be beautiful, scary, wild, and intense. We meet Phil (Parish Bradley) and Angelina (Marianne Goodell). Phil is helping out Angelina, and Angelina’s daughter Leah (Lauren Biazzo) is a reporter. Angelina has a form of dementia. That is sad, it takes such a toll on people.

Aaron is looking for a place to stay, and he is unpleasant. He hands over an envelope full of money to the landlord. Daneen is upset, and she wants to find Aaron. Aaron hurt someone that Daneen loves. I won’t spoil it for anyone, watch the movie. They are made to be watched. Meanwhile, Aaron is on one hell of a horrific mission.

It’s so strange to see New York so bare, so empty. This film was made around the time of the pandemic. Aaron is killing priests and just causing all sorts of chaos. Leah is jumpy and she flashes back to childhood. Trauma is wild if you don’t try to heal. Therapy, learning new instruments, going for walks, finding some type of peace.

Leah is going through a lot, she has more flashbacks, nightmares, and she declines a dinner party her co-worker/friend is having. Meanwhile, Aaron is still on the loose, and this dude leaves his cell phone on. He shoots several people, gets an apartment, and leaves his phone on.

Leah is doing her report and talking about Father Charles (Walter Krochmal) who was killed. Leah is talking with Matt (Anthony Goss), and they are talking about life and coincidences. Matt also misses Leah, awwww, come on. This gets interesting. Daneen is out on her own looking for Aaron. Aaron is following another priest around, and Leah, LEAH is going to follow Aaron. How do people not know they are being followed.

Aaron follows Father James (John Weigand) and mind you Leah is following Aaron. She has a giant camera, and she is making unnecessary noise. That was a shitty move for Daneen to make.

So, Daneen wants to talk with Angelina about Leah. I have so many thoughts, and ideas about this movie. Also, people will really open their doors to anyone. You can say, USPS, Door Dash, Grubhub, or anyone, and people just buzz you in. Leah wants help from Aaron.

This is crazy, it took a deep twist. Leah thinks Aaron is some sort of killer with a list. Daneen is still trying to find Leah. Leah wants her father gone. Could we take a moment or fifty to talk about Parish Bradley, and what an amazing actor he is. It is so odd to see New York look so desolate.

What is happening? Leah is devastated about her mom. Angelina’s dementia or Alzheimer is slowly getting worse. Well, I think Leah broke like, six horror movie rules. (Randy do not watch this movie.) This movie just keeps hitting you in all the feels. I do not even want to watch it anymore. The music in this film is beautiful. It gives you a sense of there is something wrong but it is not overwhelming where it is constant. The cinematography is beautiful. This cast did an amazing job.

The winner for Best Producer at the LA Independent Film Festival

Awards 2022, The Nomad stars Lauren Biazzo (Law & Order: SVU,

Abuse of Power), Dietrich Teschner (Blue Bloods, Quantico), Vanessa

Calderón (Center of The Room, The Wicked Path), Anthony Goss (Law

& Order: SVU, Blue Bloods), and is written and directed by

internationally awarded Daniel Diosdado.

Make sure to check out THE NOMAD








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