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Exclusive Interview: Corin Nemec (Half Dead Fred)

How did you get attached to HALF DEAD FRED?

Bron Theron, the writer/director, is a close friend of mine, we have known each other in the art scene before finding out we both were into film and television as well. We worked on Heat of the Beat, another project of Bron’s, and from there he considered me for Freddy Nash, medium detective. After reading the script and knowing Bron I knew it was a great opportunity for us to work on a bigger project and on a deeper level.

How was it working with Bron Theron?
Bron is a great guy, level headed, has a vision and follows through. I think he has a solid career ahead of him as a writer/director/producer and look forward to working with him again!

What was your favorite scene?
I think my favorite scene is the finally scene when Fred breaks down the mystery and solves the crime.

What was the most difficult aspect to making this film?
Nothing, the film went off without a hitch. Bron had to deal with any chaos. hehe

What makes this film stand out?
I think the Film Noir style and Gum-shoe Detective storyline is what separates this from many other films of similar genre. It is a slower paced film which allows for a lot of story telling, and I the tight budget that Bron was working under, he pulled off a miracle. When he has a more formidable budget I look forward to seeing what he creates!

Do you have any favorite horror films?
Rosemary’s Baby and the Shining.

What made you want to get into acting?
I grew up in the art and entertainment business, my mother was a Grahic Designer in the Music and Theater business and my dad is a Production Designer in the film business, Joseph C Nemec III, very successful both of them. My dad was Assitant Art Director on Goonies and when I saw that movie I knew I needed to become an actor, within a year I was in an Acting Class ran by Kevin McDermott, Center Stage LA, and with 8 months was working profesionally.

Who inspires your creativity?
The Grand Architect of the Universe.

What’s next for you?
I also write and Produce, I have a film i co wrote with Director Brian Skiba based on the Graphic Novel NO REST FOR THE WICKED first novel DEAD MAN’S HAND of the same title starring Stephen Dorff, COle Hauser, and Jack Kilmer, also have a filme titled LADY JUSTICE i wrote and Producer starring Kelly Sullivan, Brian Krause, Jason London, Marco St John, Christiana Luecas, Orien Richmond, and myself to be released this year. Just finished a western titled PLACE OF BONES, starring opposite Heather Graham and Tom Hopper, directed by Audrey Cummings and produced by David Lipper, that and a comedy with David Faustino titled, THE KID DETECTIVES, a few others I can’t recall off hand but many in development including a ROMANTIC COMEDY titled THE SHUTDOWN starring myself, Vannessa Angel, Jeremy London, and Kevin Hicks, rap artist from GUMBO.

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