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Exclusive Interview: Sebastian Dove (Ghost Webcam)


What made you want to get involved in the film industry?

I bought a story book about “The Empire Strikes Back” as a kid. I discovered in the last chapter that it was actual, real, human beings who did these films.
That was it! I wanted to be one of them.

From script–to–screen, how close did GHOST WEBCAM come to its original vision?

Very close, we edited out a few lines, tightened a few things. I’d rather make a shorter film that people enjoy and leave them wanting more than bore them to death.

What was your favorite day on set and why?

Every day was great. I actually had quite fun doing the haunted house shots, where it was purely visual with no actors. Different challenge.

What scene did you enjoy directing the most?

The opening sequence between our two leads, every thing was fresh and new as we were mostly shooting in chronological order.

What is the biggest obstacle you faced while making GHOST WEBCAM?

Me. Jumping the gun and getting the project in motion.

What was your proudest moment during production?

Finding people that really wanted to be involved in this.

How do you get a film to stand out in the crowd in today’s landscape?

With difficulty! I use social media a lot, word of mouth, connecting with genre lovers and even more so with your sub genre (in my case on this film found footage / screen life). The great thing is that this film like many others can be seen for free (with ads) this opportunity didn’t exist a few years back. We live in a amazing times.

What other filmmakers inspire you to do what you do?

John Carpenter (They Live, Escape from New York) stylish and irreverent.
Paul Verhoeven (Robocop, Total Recall) hardcore and hard hitting satire.
Jennifer Kent (Babadook) a different vision on things, fascinating, very human, love her work.

What is your favorite horror decade and why?

Definitely the 80’s. That’s when I grew up, it was fun and in many ways a lot more risks where taken.

What is the next step in your filmmaking career?

I’m working with a fine scriptwriter on a new film she’s got so many ideas it’s like a volcano of creative sparks; and a passionate young crew. It will be horror again, but not found footage. Can’t say much more for the moment!

The film is available now to watch for free on Tubi TV in
United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand & Mexico.



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