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The Rise of Jason Van Loo – From Music Producer to Alien Storm

Jason Van Loo has been a producer along side the Mahal brothers for Death Count, Bloodthirst, Bridge of the Doomed, Night of the Tommyknockers, Bermuda Island, Arena Wars, Devil’s Knight and most recently Alien Storm. However, being a film producer was not the original path of this audio engineer.

This audio guy started out a recording workshop in Ohio and grinded from engineer to music producer. He worked with some of the today’s top musical talent including American idol contestant David Cook and bands like Sin Shake Sin, Like A Storm, and Art Of Dying.  It wasn’t until producing Like A Storm’s music video for Pure Evil that he really discovered the film industry side of entertainment.

Jason went down the road less traveled to the world of independent films, but now he’s here and making his mark.

“Working with Michael and Sonny Mahal has been an absolute honor. Their generosity and commitment to the independent film community and their fans is truly unmatched and inspirational. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for the entire Mahal team.

I really connected with their vision and supported the way they were giving people opportunities to be a part of the film industry. Giving back and helping others open doors that are normally closed has always been important to me. So I really appreciated what they were doing.” – Jason Van Loo


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