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How Much Money Do LOL Boosters Make?

When some people cannot reach their desired rank in League of Legends, they often resort to other methods of climbing the ladder. Most commonly, they pay another high elo player to play on their account and win enough games for them to climb to the rank they’ve wanted to achieve. The people who perform these rank boosts, known as elo boosters, are often fully dedicated to boosting and it’s their main job

With that in mind, it leaves us wondering whether boosting is a good career option and whether you can make enough money from boosting to do it for a living.

Rank boosting

The most common method of boosting is ranked lol boosting and most boosting orders that generally get placed demand the booster to reach a certain rank. Naturally, once the booster reaches the rank he’s hired for, he gets paid for it. Boosters have described that their income solely depends on the number of orders they take and the approximate number of games they play per day.

As you can see, the income highly depends on the commitment and how seriously someone takes the boosting job. The salaries displayed are admirable, especially if the average salary of the country the booster lives in isn’t that high. Additionally, it’s worth noting that high elo orders pay a lot more and these numbers significantly increase if you’re only boosting orders that are Diamond+.

Keep in mind that there are a lot of external factors that determine the rate a booster works for, and these numbers vary depending on the booster in question.

Money for LP

Alternatively, some boosters have the option to boost an account for lp, also known as net wins boosting. Unlike division boosting, the boosters have the option to boost an account for a certain number of wins, after which they can choose to drop the order and collect the money. This is a very common method for boosters who don’t want to commit themselves fully to boosting an account until it reaches a certain rank.

What does impact a booster’s salary?

The rank he is boosting in

The aspect of boosting that impacts the booster’s salary the most is undoubtedly the rank of the account they’re boosting. High elo orders pay a lot more than low elo ones, especially when it comes to the highest ranks on the ladder that demand the most skill (D2+). You can certainly make a decent income by boosting low elo orders, but if you really want to swim in cash, you need to boost high elo orders that are skill-demanding and difficult.

Booster’s rank

To even become a booster, you need to be placed very high on the ranked ladder and play the game at an elite level (Master+). Your rank impacts the salary in the way that more customers will seek your services if you’re Challenger, for example, or even top 100 on a server.

Being a high Challenger player or maybe even rank 1 will significantly increase your boosting traffic and your services will attract more attention. This is because certain players only want to be boosted by high Challenger boosters and there are a lot of Master or Grandmaster Elo boosters who don’t fit that category.


Like in every field of work, having a positive reputation is crucial to attracting more customers when boosting, which ultimately impacts your salary altogether. In order to gain more traffic and get better orders that pay more, you need to have positive feedback from your previous customers that paid for your services. As a result of quality work, you’ll often get returning customers who have been demoted or made a new account and need another boost from a person they already trust.

The company the booster works for

In recent years, elo boosting became a global business with a lot of companies making professional websites offering their services to players that need help ranking up. Usually, these companies don’t boost the accounts themselves but rather act like a middleman that connects the customer to a booster. Most boosters nowadays work for these companies, as they provide them with more job opportunities.

Naturally, as a middleman, these companies take a pay cut in order to pay for SEO and advertising they provide and the cut ranges from 15%-30%, depending on the company. That impacts the salary highly which is why it’s crucial for the booster to make the right choice in terms of the company he will work for.

The risks

Losing games

The highest risk any booster takes is the fact that he is expected to win every game he enters. Given that the majority of boosters work for boosting companies, they don’t get paid directly but get paid from the accumulated balance they rack up on the site they’re working for by winning and boosting. That balance, however, decreases when the boosters lose games which means that losing games means losing money. As a result, boosting for money can often be a stressful ordeal as there will be days when you will lose more games than you win, which means that you’ll lose money instead of gaining it throughout a working day.


Being a booster naturally comes with being incredible at League of Legends, which is a useful skill, but not something that’s necessarily a long-term investment. The demand for boosting solely depends on the popularity of League of Legends. That means if League of Legends ever significantly drops in popularity, or if gaming becomes obsolete in general, these boosters will lose their jobs and be left without a way to cash in on their League skills.

Additional uncertainty when it comes to their jobs is the fact that boosting is prohibited in League of Legends and Riot often bans boosters on sight. However, many boosters continue to offer their services and take precautions to avoid detection, such as using VPNs and playing during off-peak hours to minimize the chances of being reported and banned.

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