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Interview: Mike Ferguson (The Last Deal)

“In The Last Deal, Black market marijuana dealer Vince, is living the high life in Los Angeles. Everything changes when new laws pass making cannabis legal recreationally. Vince may be squeezed out of the business with limited dispensary licenses available. He’s desperate to make one final score but ends up borrowing money from the wrong people.”

Mike Ferguson “the Associate”

Q:What excited you most about working on this film?

A:To be able to work with this writer, director and team, with this caliber of actors, including Anthony Molinari who is fantastic in this film .There wouldn’t be a film without him!
Sala Baker (Lord of the Rings) enough said-
it was everything man.

Q:How did you get your role in the film?

A:Through the traditional audition process and then I then was asked to read for another role, from there I got the part; then once I got to know the story, I got hooked man. It just hit all the marks, and getting to know what actors were playing what characters, and it just clicked.

Q:Do you feel like you have a personal connection to the story?

A:In 2017, recreational cannabis was legalized in the state of CA. I got into the industry around that time, and saw the unevenness in regulations,
the stress ..
…so I can totally connect to Anthonys characters plight, but I think all of us can,a guy just trying to make it.
So yeah

Q:Who is this film made for?

A:This film is made for everyone, its a crime thriller based in LA, about the legalization of recreational cannabis, come on man, its shot beautifully, and stylish, and absolutely stellar performances, did I say cannabis?

Q:What are some things that you would hope viewers would take from this film?

A:This is a movie based around 2017 and California’s legalization of cannabis for recreational use, it demonstrates both the pros and the cons of recreational legalization.

Rock n Roll

This captivating film, scored the award for “Best Director” at the Boston Film Festival and, later, the Jury Prize for “Best Performance” at the San Antonio Film Festival.
Directed by Jonathan Salemi, the film stars: Anthony Molinari (Tenet)
Sala Baker (Lord of the Rings )
Mister Fitzgerald (“F.B.I.”),
Jeffri Lauren (Inside & Out),
Mike Ferguson (Amityville Uprising) )
Conner Floyd (“The Young & The Restless”), and Gigi Gustin (The Retaliators),
The Last Deal is a Scatena & Rosner Films releas

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