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Official Trailer: Phil Herman’s DOOMSDAY STORIES

Phil Herman’s DOOMSDAY STORIES is available now on DVD

The great virus started in 2019. In the first 2 years almost 5 million people died worldwide. In 2022 a new strain hit and 5 million people a month were dying. No vaccine was effective. This created high gas prices, food shortage and war. Nothing really mattered anymore. People were dying of starvation and disease and nations were at war. In 2025 a final strain called “Meanies” pretty much wiped out mankind. Only 8,000 people worldwide survived. Meanies was a man made virus ment to help cure people, but instead created mutants and savages that out numbered the humans. One man Zorack survived this Hell on Earth. He was neither good or bad but in this society who can judge. He did what he could to survive. Now 30 years later after the great risen of and Balrog he lives the simple life hidden away. The meanies died out and very few live to cause any problems. Zorack over the years has hidden from what is left of society. He would like to share stories from the old world. This is Doomsday Stories.

DVD Available for sale 2/10/2023
$20.00 includes shipping

Joel D Wynkoop: Nekodablast@aol.com
Phil Herman: shagee7977@aol.com

Site: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1977592975924662/?ref=share_group_link 

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