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Pancake Man Revenge is served all day… on Indiegogo

Pancake Man is an intense action thriller from writer / director Bron Theron that follows the story of a man who gets pushed to the edge and is now hell bent on revenge,

In the center of the violence is a cast that includes Corin Nemec (Stargate SG-1), Elissa Dowling (Girl on the Third Floor), Jordan C. Michael (The Favor), August Kyss (Murdercise), Scott Ward and Michael Della Pia (Half Dead Fred).

The epic tale of violence proves that with every action there is a reaction. A killing spree that involves a couple of complete strangers sets off a change of events that can only be described as
a cross between “Falling Down”, “Resevior Dogs”, and “Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”,

Pancake Man finds himself in a Mexican stand-off with a mob bosses’ son, a gang of petty criminals and an innocent cafe staff where revenge is served all day!

Produced by Black Rabbit Pictures | White Ninja Productions | Easley Entertainment – Pancake Man is filming May 2023.

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