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Dangerous People now streaming on Tubi TV

A new feature film by actor/Filmmaker Christopher D’andre Williams has dropped on Fox’s hottest platform Tubi. The film titled “Dangerous People” is a anthology film where we are introduced to characters who are either aspiring rock band members, a vindictive Nurse aide, a conflicted hitman, and gun toting strippers who Rob their customers.

In each chapter The characters are tested to do good or evil. The film is a body of work where the filmmaker collected footage of films he wrote and directed from 2011-2018. Christopher wanted to exhibit the films that didn’t receive alot of attention and convert them into a whole movie which is now a 1 hour and 9 mins.

The film is a Pulp Fiction Jr and shows the hunger and imagination of the director that stayed the course of 7 years.

Watch Dangerous People for Free now streaming on Tubi.

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