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Exclusive Interview: Steve Larkin (The Last Slay Ride)

Exclusive Interview: STEVE LARKIN (Marco in The Last Slay Ride)

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How did you get attached to The Last Slay Ride? I got attached to it through working with Jason on a previous film with him being released this month called ‘Deleted’ I submitted my audition for Marco as he seemed like a fun character to play.

What was your role in The Last Slay Ride? Marco something or other What is your favorite scene in the film? My favourite scene in the movie was shooting Grandma! I also loved every scene with Bob eating something new everytime he appeared!

How would you compare this to other Christmas horror flicks? The Last Slay Ride has a really nice feel to it. It also has vampires, a film within a film, fantastic writing. A lot in this movie to keep you on your toes.

What inspires your creativity? I love the writing in this movie and when I read it I had to be a part of it. A good character also inspires my creativity and Marco was so much fun to play and quite the character. Had a lot of fun getting into him.

What is the biggest challenge while making this film? Everyone just had all the fun on set and there was not many challenges. Chasing someone down the street while trying to keep my Santa hat on was quite challenging ha.

What was your most rewarding moment? Seeing it all completed. When we all got together to watch it for the premiere it was great to see it all come together. Really special moment.

What is your favorite horror decade? I love my 80’s horror. You can’t beat a lot of the movies that came out then and they all still stand out now.

What is the best piece of advice that you ever received? Be on time and don’t be you be the character.

What is next in your career? Have got movies lined up for next year and we have also started filming our movie, which I am co directing and co written called ‘A Bloodbath in Palookaville’.

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