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New Horror Short “BITCH” Logo & Stills Terrifies For Halloween

New horror short “BITCH” will be released just in time for Halloween from Feral Llama Entertainment.

“I really loved working on this project ‘Bitch’ as it’s something outside of the box from what we’ve seen in horror cinema probably since the 60’s and 70’s. Not only is it a play on a female werewolf but doing the special effects practically like this really brings the character to life and gives the actor enough wiggle room to give it a lot of personality as the makeup becomes you in that position. Our makeup team is hopeful to see it become its own series. I love the use of practical effects and its ability to make the audience hold emotion, whether it’s fear or laughter. I think that’s what cinema is all about, making us feel human emotions. I loved it!” -Ariel Stafford

“I work as a gaffer a lot for other projects but when I get hired on to be director of photograp hy of film I love it because I can have the control of visually telling the story the way I want to with shot composition. Especially these darker more moody scenes I can really paint the picture with light and shadows, and I love that!” -Brian Osback

BITCH stars newcomer Sadie Scheufler and J ai Raja (Max Reload & the Nether Blasters), in a breathtaking 10 minute short film that takes us through the painful stages of a curse and shows us what true horror is supposed to look like.

Wade Cota of American Idol 2019 Top 4 performs a cover song for BITCH.

BITCH is coming

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