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Marketing Macabre Must Read Book List for Halloween 2022

Marketing Macabre has put together a top ten list of reading material filled with monsters, zombies, werewolves, vampires, vikings, ghosts, serial killers, and women of horror.
HOLLYWOOD: 1929. PROHIBITION. BOOZE, DRUGS, SEX, ZOMBIES… It will take a legend with a tarnished badge to save Tinseltown.

On the eve of a new decade, at the height of the Roaring Twenties and Prohibition, a failing movie studio’s actors begin to die under unnatural circumstances. To find out why, a desperate movie producer engages an even more desperate legend, whose own past is haunted.


Last Doorway Productions and Black Bed Sheet Books celebrate women in horror fiction again by partnering to bring another chilling, all-female horror anthology, A Scream in the Night 2! Horror Host Miss Misery (Reyna Young) has for a second time brought together 13 stories that set stellar examples of female voices in horror today and the tales they have to tell, both up-and-coming and already established. The stories therein aren’t for the faint of heart and primarily for adults only who can withstand the explicit carnage and themes! From grocery store mayhem to medical nightmares, from within the decrepit walls of fixer-upper homes and within the trunks of cars and vampire bars, funeral events and macabre dinner parties, the reading journey you are to embark on promises to both utterly terrify, horribly shock, and afterwards leave you screaming for more, just like the first incredible volume!


One of Apple’s Most Anticipated Books, River of Ashes by Alexandrea Weis and Lucas Astor (Vesuvian, Aug 2, 2022) is a gripping Adult Southern Gothic series debut for fans of Shirley Jackson, Darcy Coates, Jennifer McMahon, and V.C. Andrews. Inspired by real people and places, including the abbey located in the actual town of St. Benedict, Louisiana, Rue Morgue says, “Despite its ghosts and hauntings, this evocative tale presents an all-too-real terror that gets under your skin—and stays.”


Legendary filmmaker Tom Holland returns to the world he originated in his 1985 feature film box office hit Fright Night with the all-new novel Fright Night: Origins, releasing October 8, 2022, through Holland House in association with Encyclopocalypse Publications.


Written and produced by award-winning author Lindy Ryan and voiced by renowned British horror artist Mister Sam Shearon, young Alistair Gray abandons his school Halloween carnival that feels more silly than spooky—all treats and no tricks—and heads out into the dark the night before Halloween where he meets a new friend that teaches him that the holiday is about fun and about fright…and that there’s more than one way to celebrate the spookiest night of the year.


A young occult crime expert is called in to investigate a murder and finds herself the target of a dangerous game by a serial killer who utilizes the paranormal to do his bidding with the intent of becoming a god on Earth. From Bram Stoker Awards Nominee Monique Snyman, Dark Country (Vesuvian, Aug 30, 2022) highlights the multicultural mythologies, magic, histories, beauty, and horror of living in pseudo-modern South Africa. HorrorNews.net says, “Few can deny that fear is an ultimate aphrodisiac and Dark Country delivers from cover to cover.


A series of particularly gruesome murders occurring in towns and cities around the Puget Sound in Washington State has the public on the verge of panic, with grotesque details of half-eaten bodies are splashed all over the news. The police are baffled. The forensics don’t make any sense, and the evidence points to something dangerous and malevolent than anything they have ever encountered.


Nora McCully had disappeared from South Baltimore, but long before she physically disappeared, pieces of Nora’s personality began to fade and what sprouted from a single seed of curiosity became a bewitching bloom full of beauty, but deadly for those who fell under its spell. Set in Baltimore in the 1920’s, Blood Moon Over the Chesapeake is a sinister tale of an infamous house, a ghostly possession and a dark spirit hungry for power.


A young girl’s Irish ancestors were brutally slaughtered during a gruesome Viking invasion. Her dreams are soon haunted by her ancestors’ past lives, as a series of dark events force her to fight for her life and the lives of the townspeople. Have the Vikings cursed the land?


“Compendium of the Unmasked: The Hollow Raven is a character driven horror story, that spreads across a multitude of genres including psychological, mystery, crime-thriller, action, science fiction, monster horror, supernatural, and heroic elements that any classic comic reader can enjoy. It is atmospheric with a combination of Noir & Victorian steampunk esthetics. Furthermore, it’s packed with poetry and riddles that will keep you wondering what is next…”


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