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Exclusive Photos from upcoming horror short, BITCH

On October 28, 2022 the new horror BITCH will be released just in time for Halloween.

Feral Llama Entertainment seeks to recreate the retro movie-making process of the 1980’s, sans green screens and CGI. They have given us a special SNEAK PEAK of the horror of BITCH that is sure   to leave you wanting more.

BITCH stars newcomer Sadie Scheufler and J ai Raja (Max Reload & the Nether Blasters), in a breathtaking 10 minute short film that takes us through the painful stages of a curse and shows us what true horror is supposed to look like.

A young woman finds refuge from her life and the mistakes she has made only to discover, it can always be worse. “We take on a lot of emotional subject matter in this story from: infidelity, depression, loss of faith, suicide and even some forgiveness, but not much.” says director Louie Duran.

Coming off the heels of their award winning docu-film “Ocean of Obstacles”, Producer Loudin Krueg of Feral Llama Entertainment and Director Louie Duran wanted to get more creative.

Krueg first had the idea for the story in 2017, after working on a poorly produced horror set. “Being a huge horror and retro-movie fan, I will always take practical effects over CGI. Just hire the right people, and treat them well and I promise they will deliver.” says Krueg.

BITCH will feature a cover song performed by Wade Cota of American Idol 2019 Top 4.

Watch BITCH on October 28th

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