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Best CSGO Halloween Stickers

Halloween is certainly one of the most celebrated occasions of the year. Valve Corp. knows that CS:GO fans are not an exception to this rule. As a part of the “Community Sticker Collection 2,” several Halloween-themed stickers were launched in October 2014.

Read on for a full overview of the top CS:GO Halloween stickers.

What is the Background of CSGO Halloween Stickers?

In 2014, Valve Corp. decided to release a collection consisting exclusively of community-created stickers. Known as the “Community Sticker Collection 2,” this collection was not like the original “Community Sticker Capsule 1.”

Not associated with a capsule drop, players were given special coupons in their inventories. To keep the sticker, the player would be required to purchase the claim tag. All stickers were randomly selected.

In October 2014, six special Halloween-themed stickers were included as part of the same update. All stickers were nicely drawn and inspired by the Halloween lore, which are:

  • Doomed
  • Queen of Pain
  • Trick or Threat
  • Trick or Treat
  • Witch
  • Zombie Lover

Some of these stickers are references to popular characters from Dota 2, such as Doom (Doomed), Queen of Pain, and Witchcraft. Despite the popularity of this collection, these stickers can be purchased for an accessible price range.

Here’s a CSGORadar-style review of each sticker of this unique collection:


If you want to add a sticker to your gun to have a dreadful effect on your opponents’ minds, you will certainly attain that goal with a “Doomed” sticker.

The sticker features a massive beastly horned monster with an angry expression. This ghastly view is all done in tones of grey, brown, and red, all surrounded by a scorching tone of orange that makes it look surrounded by hellfire.

Right below the beast, you can see the “Doomed” phrase highlighted in orange as well. This sticker is available for $1.25 in different marketplaces, which means users will not have a problem finding it.

Queen of Pain

Undoubtedly, the “Queen of Pain” sticker features a sick concept combined with a sleek-looking design.

The sticker shows a Succubus-like figure with a curvy body, seductive gaze, and demonic wings and horns. This femme-fatale has blue skin and red eyes, which makes the whole experience more exciting.

Riding a rocket written “Pain,” this queen has no mercy on her victims. The sticker features a pinker tone of crimson with a shape that remembers a human heart. Not expensive at all, this sticker can be bought for $1.25.

Trick or Threat

No other sticker could scream the concept of Halloween louder than this one. The “Trick or Threat” sticker features an angry pumpkin head typical of this season handling a big shotgun.

Right in front of the sticker, you’ll immediately see the “Trick or Threat” phrase written in yellow. Without a doubt, it sounds like a deadly proposal. Like all other Halloween stickers, this one has a “High Grade” status, but you can find it on marketplaces available for $1.12.

Trick or Treat

We bet you will not find a depiction of Jack O’Lantern Head as scary as the one in this sticker. The “Trick or Treat” sticker (not to be confused with another sticker from the same collection) features a spooky image of Jack Pumpkin Head magically spelling the phrase “trick or treat” in the air.

By the figure’s expression, he really means it when he says “treat.” This sticker is available in different marketplaces for prices around $1.30.


No Halloween night can be considered a true event of the kind without witches. The “Witch” sticker features a classic depiction of the classic female sorcerer wearing black only, with worn-out clothes and a pointed hat with a curly edge.

Flying on her broom, the witch aims a shotgun at unsuspecting CS:GO players who want to cross her path. One of the coolest designs of the entire collection, this sticker can be purchased for $1.25.

Zombie Lover

With a green rotten face, blue ears and nose, and holding a dead rose in his mouth, the “Zombie Lover” is a parody of the kitsch romantic scenes in old movies. The phrase all written in a swampy tone of green with a little red heart in the middle only makes it look worse. This sticker can be found for $1.14.

Best CSGO Halloween Sticker – Summary

Deciding which of the CS:GO Halloween-themed stickers is the best of them all is a personal decision, but most players will certainly agree that the “Zombie Lover” sticker does not look good at all.

The “Witch” sticker has a solid concept and can add a lot of style to a shotgun, which is the same for the “Trick or Threat” pumpkin head sticker. The more sinister and frightening designs are certainly the “Doomed,” the “Queen of Pain,” and the “Trick or Treat” stickers.


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