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Craig Railsback’s “Down and Out in Vampire Hills” Stars Dawna Lee Heising and Ken May + Official Trailer

Craig Railsback’s “Down and Out in Vampire Hills” Stars Dawna Lee Heising and Ken May

Comedy/Horror Short Is Written by Dr. Heather Joseph-Witham and the Original Score is by Dr. Renah Wolzinger and Keith Wolzinger

“Down and Out in Vampire Hills” is a horror comedy short film, written by Dr. Heather Joseph-Witham (Vampires in the Big Easy), and directed and edited by Craig Railsback (Rush: The Director’s Cut, Dark Classics). The original soundtrack is composed by Dr. Renah Wolzinger (Eye on Entertainment, Vampires in the Big Easy) of Renzone Music Studios and Keith Wolzinger. Renah is a Voting Member of the Grammy Recording Academy and composed and recorded an original theme song for the film called “Dancing in the Moonlight.” The soundtrack for “Down and Out in Vampire Hills” is now being streamed on more than 200 channels, including those listed at this link: https://hearnow.com/settings/fralb02879289#nt_base_menu

The film is produced by Dawna Lee Heising, Heather Joseph-Witham, Renah Wolzinger, Craig Railsback, and Sean Glumace. The publicity director is Joseph Williamson. The cinematographers are Craig Railsback and Vito Trabucco, and the assistant director is Liam Railsback. Keith Wolzinger is the assistant editor for music. Sound is by Jim Dunlap and Liam Railsback. Set photographers are Sean Glumace and Dan Kennedy. Aldrich Chico is the makeup special effects artist. The poster is by Gaz Jackson, and the publicity special advisor is James Neal Broadus. The film is entered into several major film festivals, and will premiere in Los Angeles in the near future. Please check out the “Down and Out in Vampire Hills” trailer at: https://vimeo.com/746704926

The Story:

Vampires are at the top of the food chain. They are glamorous, seductive, elegant, and magnetic. They can also be old, out of touch and a tad eccentric. What does a vampire have to do to survive in the 21st century? Seriously, do vampires have to get jobs? How else to pay the rent? Houselessness and bloodsucking collide in this tale and the question that is asked is: Are vampires predators or prey? Even vampires can be down and out in a time when no one knows who is eating whom. On the other hand, if a vampire has a pair of cute boots, she may be able to handle anything.

“Down and Out in Vampire Hills” stars Dawna Lee Heising (Bad President, PTSD: A Soldier’s Revenge, Mob Humor) as Vampire Queen Penelope; Ken May (The Mercenaries, Arachnado) as Harold the Intellectual; Lejon Stewart (Pirates of the Caribbean, Teacher’s Day), and Bill Houskeeper (A Soldier’s Secret, Sunshine Girl). The film also features Deborah Dutch, Vito Trabucco, Heather Joseph-Witham, Walter Hochbrueckner, Vera R. Taylor, Kelly Bourquin, Scott Bourquin, Joanna Fang, Jim Dunlap, Renah Wolzinger, and Cooper the Puggle.

The production companies include Eye on Excellence Productions, Railsback Productions, and Renzone Music Studios. “Down and Out in Vampire Hills” was shot in various locations in beautiful Huntington Beach, including on Main Street and on the Huntington Beach pier.

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