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Location Review: Paranormal Pizza

Paranormal Pizza

“The Lehigh Valley’s first all vegan pizza shop.


554 N. New Street

Bethlehem, PA 18108

Wednesday – Friday 4pm-9pm

Saturday 12pm-8pm

Bethlehem, Pa is just full of surprises, all sorts of surprises. Besides Musikfest, ArtsQuest, tons of fascinating places. They now have a vegan pizza shop.  The owners are twin brothers Marc and Joey Kubushefski. Everyone was so nice, and kind. They were chatting, and they knew almost every customer that walked in a for pick-up. It was non-stop busy.

I was scrolling through social media, and all of the sudden, I see that a friend of mine posted an article about a vegan pizza joint. Imagine that, a vegan pizza shop. A place where vegans and vegetarians can go and just eat. There are no worries at all while scanning the menu for what we can eat. (I am a vegetarian. I don’t preach about it. It’s a lifestyle change. Everyone can eat whatever they want.)

But wait, not only is this pizza shop vegan, it’s paranormal inspired. You read that right, it’s paranormal inspired. The décor is paranormal inspired, it’s as if you walked through a portal and somehow wound up in Area 51 or an H.P. Lovecraft portal to another dimension. When I arrived at Paranormal Pizza, I felt as if I had found the mother ship. This is coming from someone who hasn’t had a pepperoni pizza in quite a few years, not that I mind but it was amazing to see that I could order a pepperoni pizza. I didn’t have to pass. I didn’t have to worry about anything on the menu. It was odd yet convenient.

What did you order Janel? I’m glad you asked. I tried The Scully, a red sauce cashew mozzarella, seitan pepperoni and spicy agave, which compliments the pepperoni, the VEGAN pepperoni. It was great. The pizza was great, the seitan wings we tried were excellent. It was a positive experience.

Paranormal Pizza is paranormal inspired, it’s inspired by the X-Files The first two pizzas on the menu are The Mulder and The Scully. THE MULDER AND THE SCULLY people. They also have The Skinner, The Lone Gunman, and The Alien Bounty Hunter. They have vegan wings that are absolutely delicious. If you gave them to someone and didn’t tell them the wings are vegan, they would not even know. Paranormal Pizza is using Beyond Meats which I have tried recently thanks to friends.

This place is unique. They do accommodate people and they advise to keep in mind that there is no guarantee of cross contamination in regard to using cashew-based products. “Also, all of the crust, sauce, cheese, and meats are made in house with the exception of the Beyond Sausage.”

The décor is fun, and it goes back through a narrow hallway to the restrooms. The restrooms are also decorated in paranormal themes.

They also make garlic knots, Seitan Wings, and they have drinks. This is a great place. It’s fun, the food is good. The people are awesome. Go check it out.

Make sure to check out Paranormal Pizza.

(They also sell Paranormal Pizza merchandise.)




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